YU33 Wireless Remote Controller Compatible with Playstation 4 System, for PS4 Console with Double Shock and Charging Cable, Great Gamepad Gift for Girls/Kids/Man(BerryBlue,2021 New Model Joystick)…, 28.99, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【This is a third-party controller】 We have our own professional game controller technology research and development team. We have designed the most valuable third-party controller with the purpose of "meeting customer needs".; 【Wireless P-4...

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I’m gonna start off by saying I love this controller. For it being 3rd party it feels good, the weight of the controller is perfect, the look is perfect and the analog sticks don’t feel stiff which is usually a problem I have with 3rd party controllers but not with this one. Also I don’t know why but the L2 and R2 triggers feel way more sturdier. Now this will be an odd thing to score it on cause I have it a three mostly because a few of the problems with said controller are big for what I use it for. I do a lot of playing with friends and recording my gameplay for reviews and what not but you can’t really record yourself with this controller and it’s audio ports because though everything sounds fine through your headphones once recorded the controller smashes all the audio together on console recording and also in psn party chat. It’s not just one headset I tried either. I used a Sony brand headset, tritton headset and turtle beach all had the same outcome. Also all made the audio really loud as well. Also the battery life is very questionable I felt like I charged it all day and it died an hour later for three full charges after that it would stay on for acouple hours but felt nervous about it’s battery life. Maybe I just got a faulty battery who knows but I will say for the price it’s not bad but keep in mind party chats will sound echoed and scrambled with a questionable battery life.
We've been using the same pair of ps4 controllers since we bought our console in 2014. That's a REALLY long time (especially with 4 active gamers in the house) and they just got to the point where they weren't able to hold a charge anymore and we spent more time getting frustrated with their lagging response time and worn out buttons than actually getting to enjoy our gaming experience. So we turned to Amazon and each picked our own controller.This particular one was my hubby's choice and so far, he has enjoyed it thoroughly. It responds beautifully, holds its charge well (at least 4-5 hours of gameplay) and feels exactly like a Sony ps4 controller, all for less than half the price. The charging port is a bit on the snug side, but I'll take a snuggly fit charger to one that may or may not flop out at the twitch of a finger any day (another problem we'd been living with with our original controllers). Would definitely recommend.
Tho whoever is considering purchasing this product, DO NOT BUY IT! I fell for the idea that this was a cheaper yet great alternative to coughing up $60 for a new first party PS4 controller, just to find this product is a complete waste of time and money. The controller itself is lighter and of severely poorer quality. I took it apart to interchange some stuff between my real PS4 controller like the face buttons and joysticks and that's just about all you can do. Everything else inside it is super cheaply designed and doesn't function like a PS4 controller should. Not to mention all the buttons, triggers and joysticks feel super plasticy, loose, and of poor quality. I would give this a 0/5 star if I could.

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