Yoga For Beginners : The Essential Beginner Yoga Guide For Runners, Walkers & Desk Jockeys

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Now, You Can Experience The Many Amazing Benefits Of Yoga! With these highly effective techniques you will discover how you can.. – Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Deadlines, financial worries, relationship issues, traffic, the holidays, getting your kids to school on time: it s all stress. Stress is stored in our musculature and other body tissues (i.e. irritable bowel) and disrupts our hormonal balance. By reducing muscle tension you can re… More >>

Yoga For Beginners : The Essential Beginner Yoga Guide For Runners, Walkers & Desk Jockeys

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  1. The video is of low production quality. The whole scene is set up in the corner of some random gym room. The photography is poor. There is no background music. The yoga instructor is not in good shape, and her assistants are, to be frank, unpleasant to look at.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. No hype – this DVD is exactly what it says it is. The Essential Guide for those Beginning Yoga. The pose by pose guide is extremely helpful to watch BEFORE beginning a session. The guide breaks down the poses that are the basis for an asana practice. After reviewing the pose by pose guide I was able to follow Marleen’s sessions without having to stop the DVD in order to look at what she was doing. All of the sessions incorporate the poses she guides you through, they don’t assume you know what utkatasana is.

    If you are interested in exploring yoga, but bewildered by all the choices there are, Yoga For Beginners : The Essential Beginner Yoga Guide For Runners, Walkers & Desk Jockeys is a wonderful place to start.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. I’m an avid long distance runner with very tight muscles. I needed a yoga dvd to encourage me to stretch. This DVD is unintimidating, easy to follow, and can easily accomodate a 30 min session up to 90 min. If you are completely new to yoga, the poses are explained first so you are not lost during the class. I highly recommend this DVD for beginners and athletes wanting to add a little yoga to their routine.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I’ve had this DVD for a couple of months now. I absolutely LOVE it! It’s totally changed my workout routine. Because it has all these different session lengths, I can do yoga just about every day. Somedays I can do the 50 minute session, some days the 60 minute session, this morning only had time for the 38 minute session but what a way to start the day!

    The instructor is down to earth and very detailed at explaining what you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do, so she’s so easy to follow. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years. She is BY FAR the best instructor I’ve come across. I’m not into new age or anything too spiritual. I don’t like DVD’s that try to get you to buy more stuff. She shows you what your body is capable of doing in such a way that you enjoy doing it. She seems like an every day person who has a talent of being on your same level in the way she teaches. Then after your yoga work, her final relaxation brings you to the most stress-free place you can imagine. You will melt in to the floor.

    I’ve purchased 3 additional copies for a couple of friends and my mom. Can’t wait for the next series. If you’re looking for a great first experience with yoga or just a fresh no nonsense approach, buy this DVD.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I have many yoga DVDs and this one is definitely one of my favorites. I have lot of pet peeves when it comes to yoga DVDs:

    1) Many DVDs assume you can see the screen when you’re in down dog or in a twist and the verbal instructions are so vague you have to come out of the pose to see what we’re doing next. This one is extremely clear in its instructions: this pose is next, and this is how we do it, leg goes here arms goes there.

    2) Lack of flow in the workout(s). Some DVDs are pose by pose, getting you out of the ‘zone’ with every pose change (Yoga For Inflexible People and Yoga to the Rescue – Feel Good from Head to Toe come to mind). Some are all over the place with their flows: standing, lying down, back up to standing, etc. This DVD has a great flow no matter what workout you do (it has little transitional snippets if the end of previous module doesn’t match the start of the next one, a little odd at first but I quickly got used to them). It goes from standing to kneeling/down dogs/lunges to balancing to seated to lying down, and no funny business.

    3) Many famous yoga instructors have no memory of what it is like to be stiff and inflexible. There is no chance on earth you can do the pose like they do it, but they can’t conceive of giving you some workable pointers on what you can realistically expect the pose to look or feel like. Sometimes they have some models in the back pretending to be inflexible, but that still doesn’t look like anything you and I do. This instructor is not really Gumby herself. I think she started out like most regular people and has won what flexibility she has through hard work. She sure has lots and lots of tips on how to modify your poses. Even better, the two models on the DVD are regular people: they are not young, beautiful or flexible and when I can’t do what the instructor does, I can for sure do what the middle aged guy in the back does!

    The structure of this DVD:

    1) Important information for anyone doing yoga with instructions on how to find your ‘edge’ to prevent injuries, how to breathe during the workouts, how to stretch efficiently. This is not standard information on most yoga DVDs, but after listening to this I think it should be! This is the stuff that makes a difference. It is a voice over over slo-mo images from the rest of the DVD so you’re not just watching a talking head.

    2) Pose breakdowns with modifications. Very thorough, very well explained instructions on how to do most of the poses in the flows. Not only about how, but also WHY to do a pose this way. Marleen and the models (4 this time) show the wrong way to do it, the right way to do it and how you can use blankets and pillows, chairs and belts to make the pose more accessible if needed. I also like the frequent pointers on how to do the pose safely when you have back problems (like 80% of us Americans apparently do).

    3) The workouts. These consist of about an hour and a half total of different poses, cut to make 8 workouts of different lengths. Each module is shot in a different configuration, (probably to show different angles for certain sets of poses) so it jumps around a bit when going from one module to the next which is a bit strange at first but works for me. They range from about 30 minutes to 90 minutes. I love the workouts. Like I mentioned, the flow is good and allows you to get in the zone so that 50 minutes fly by! As the title implies these workouts are really good for the hips and the legs. The whole lower body feels strong and supple when I’m done. I also really like that there is an actual final relaxation after each workout (many DVDs lack this!). And it even varies in length! After a short workout there is a a few minutes relaxation and it gets progressively longer. The 90 minute one has about 15 minutes of relaxation.

    So what are the draw backs?

    It isn’t actually filmed at the beach, as you might think from looking at the cover. It is obviously a more low budget production than that. So if you mainly want to sit and gaze at beautiful people doing beautiful things with their beautiful bodies in a beautiful landscape, this DVD isn’t for you. If you want to actually do accessible yoga, it is.

    The sound quality isn’t great. The instructor also has a slight accent, but she has a pleasant voice.

    All in all a great DVD that may be a bit hard for beginners at first while they’re developing strength and flexibility, but both should develop rapidly if they stick with this.

    I’d like to see Marleen Stam-Gibbs do a DVD for the upper body as well.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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