Yellowstone: Battle for Life

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In a land of beauty and peril, the dramatic lives and fortunes of these animals are inexorably bound together. Intimate and emotional, epic and engaging, Yellowstone – Tales from the Wild reveals the grandeur of this unique place as its animals struggle to survive over the course of three vividly changing
Like another of David Attenborough’s epic BBC documentary series, Planet Earth, Yellowstone, narrated by the charismatic Peter Firth, links se… More >>

Yellowstone: Battle for Life

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  1. Enjoy the Beautiful Experience to Know the best images never taken from a espectacular natural site…..!!! Love you Nature ??? Must to have it…!!! Breathtaking…!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Very nice with lots of good shots of the wildlife. However there was not nearly enough of the park itself. Very short on the geyzers and hot pools. Just about nothing on yellowstone canyon. Adding this would have made it more complete.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Thank you BBC for a remarkable documentary with absolutely breathtaking cinematography. The semi-classical music is minimal but beautiful. The clarity and content of the narration is exceptional and the extra features, albeit short, are very entertaining.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Another great doc from the BBC. It is three segments @ 50 min each…Winter, Summer and Autumn. Mr Piqqus’ description is better than mine would be, so I’ll keep it short. Great cinematography and narration. The aforementioned “diving fox” as well as the “bisonsicles” with their steaming breath are worth the price of admission by themselves, but there is so much more! Highly recommended!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Yet another fragment of BBC Earth gets its own Blu-ray release. What can you expect? If you know anything about BBC Earth then you know it has a reputation for stunning nature footage in a resolution that will make you believe in hi-definition video setups. You’ve seen nature documentaries before, but until you’ve watched one like, say, Yellowstone: Battle for Life produced by top-notch cinematographers on top-of-the-line equipment you don’t know the best the genre has to offer. The natural occurrences captured in this three episode series will have you returning to the disc to show off to your friends exactly what that HD television on your wall is capable of. Yes, the series looks that good.

    The division trisecting the series follows a seasonal sway. It starts with “Winter” and then, in a very Monty Python and the Holy Grail-way, gives Spring a miss and passes right on to “Summer” and “Autumn”. Each season provides a starkly different appearance of Yellowstone and chapters the iconic natural phenomena like Ol’ Faithful or the abundant wildlife which populates its wooded expanses.


    If sharks are the number one nature channel attraction, then wolves are easily in second place with viewer fascination. Wolves may never be able to compete with “Shark Week” but they make for great footage as they hunt a bull elk in the frozen environs of Yellowstone. The wolves’ quest for food increases in success as the winter season drags on and their prey grows weaker and colder. Intercutting into the lives of the wolves are fascinating time-passage shots of the park and little tidbits about the park’s fascinating volcanic history. Some overhead shots are so surreal that you’d swear they were computer generated – but they’re not. The footage is just that brilliant. Bison, otters, sunrises, sunsets and glittering snow-covered hills all get their moments in the spotlight as BBC’s footage unreels.


    Life returns to Yellowstone and the task of replenishing food stores and continuing the species become the most important activities for every species. The shift from Winter to Summer isn’t a folly on the part of BBC in naming its chapters on this disc; instead the weather shifts slowly as cubs and other young offspring gain their footing in a newly blooming world. You can watch bear cubs learn to climb trees or a hummingbird dogfight over a patch of flowers. The wolves get a little more attention here, but the main focus of the “Summer” section is on the family of bears as they adapt to life in Yellowstone and learn the routine that will govern their lives forevermore.


    The final chapter in the series has some of the best sweeping panoramic footage. While the series reused some of the “Yellowstone is a giant bowl” footage in the first two, here we have a whole new set of overhead shots coupled with animal footage that will make any BBC Earth or Discovery Channel fan glow with satisfaction. The wildlife really does take a backseat in “Autumn” and so the footage of bison, elk and the sort may still be a rare gem in terms of nature documentary offerings, but they’re by no means the focus. I guess it’s only right that the most terrain-intensive shots would be reserved for the trifecta’s farewell.

    The picture is crystal clear and the narration by Peter Firth is superb. Compare it to the stunt casting for narrators in features like Arctic Tale or even Disneynature’s Earth and you begin to understand that a famous or recognizable voice isn’t always the best choice. Firth’s narration is strong and keeps you riveted without ever distracting from the activity onscreen.

    Blu-ray Bonus Features:

    “The People of Yellowstone” highlight the local experts who aided in the filming of this BBC Earth series. Among the people highlighted are Jeff Henry, Mike Kasic and a group of people affectionately titled the “Geyser Gazers”. Each of these little pieces is just as interesting as the disc’s main material and is presented in the same stunningly beautiful resolution.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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