YCCTEAM Wireless Joypad Controller Compatible with Switch, Replacement for Switch Joy Con, Wireless Left and Right Controllers Support Motion Control/Dual Vibration, 45.99, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【Joypad Controller for Switch】Are you still bothered by the sudden drift of the controller during your passion game, Our Wireless joypad controllers is compatible with switch controller console , the replacement for switch controllers,...

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My original joy cons were drifting bad. If I tried to go up a menu it would go all the way up by itself. and so on. I'm skeptical about 3rd party controllers. A lot do not have the feel of the original and force you to play a game different. But these just as good as my Joy cons brand new, maybe even better.1. They fit on my switch more snug than the original.2. They offer an actual d-pad. This is so much of a relief.3. all the buttons feel great.4. The + and - buttons are bigger, so they are easier to press.5. They look cooler.6. They fit in all the fittings nicely even the dock and my silicon wrap.Thats my review. I spent half the money for the same experience.
These things are really pretty great.The joycon that came with our switch started to drift and we replaced them with the official $80 ones the first time. I really wish we would have tried these at half the cost first.The buttons are slightly different in feel and sound (maybe more "clicky") from the original Nintendo controllers, but it's so slight that it would likely go unnoticed by most people. They charge on the Switch when in the dock, just like the originals. There are USB-C charging ports on each controller but I will never likely use these. I do think the vibration is a bit more aggro in these than in the Nintendo ones, but that's not a real issue for me. It does lack the IR lens on the bottom of the right joycon, but honestly, in the games we play, I don't think we've ever used that. They click in nice and tight and frankly I prefer an actual D-pad over the four buttons on the left side.I have an 8 and a 10-year-old and I don't think they noticed at all that I switched them.At this price and for this quality, these are a steal! You probably need these!
Well I just received a pair of used joycons with a side of snot. Kinda gross especially during covid.also the R trigger doesn't work very well since I got to push all the way down for it to do something. Will try to get a replacement or a refund.

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