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Sense victory within. Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless controller - Phantom White special edition, featuring a translucent design that fades to white, textured grip, and Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

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Let's be honest, ALL Xbox controllers are the same (minus the colors, grip features, extra paddles/triggers, etc.) in terms of "quality." All of Microsofts Xbox One controllers are made of cheap material, not intended to last long. So us gamers have to come back and pay for another controller. It part of their business model, we just have to accept it if we want to stay with Xbox. It does not matter which controller we buy, I promise you. So forget about doing numerous useless hours of research to find the "best" controller.(Games I play so you can have a reference: FIFA, Rocket League, PUBG, CoD, Madden)With that being said, this controller (Phantom White Special Edition) is the best one you can buy, for the price. I've had this controller for a few months now, multiple hours of use, with NO problems. Like ALL Xbox controllers though, the analogue sticks feel so cheap (fragile to be specific). Every single controller I've had, and I've had them all, have this same issue. I always feel scared to put a little extra pressure on the sticks, and when I do I'm nervous I accidentally broke it. Where Xbox One controllers are the most vulnerable are the analogue sticks and the bumpers (LB, RB).Conclusion: Since us gamers literally need a controller in order to play Xbox... I recommend you purchase this controller, or the "white" Xbox One controller (wireless). These two seem to be the most durable in my experience. As long as you are not rough with controllers, which is hard unless you're playing games like Minecraft or Sims, ANY Xbox One Controller has an average life span of a year with no problems. Good luck.
Came with immense stick drift in both thumbsticks. Absolute piece of garbage out of the box. It may be a random problem that has plagued all of the Xbox One controller types (ive received trash before.) or this one may actually have been put together by poorly trained monkeys.
Awesome looking controller. Hope they keep this line going. One thing anyone looking to purchase this. compared to the phantom black you should keep in mind the risk of the color. This controller is a very bright white. Again looks great , just can def can show grime super easy, and or be stained easily, but that goes with any white controller ever.

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