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Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Controller Kait diaz limited Edition, Featuring a snow weathered armor design with cog insignia, an etched trigger grip, and rubberized diamond grip on the back case. Inspired by Kait diaz's Winter armor, this Xbox wireless Controller captures the look and...

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This is a nice controller for the price. It far exceeded my expectations. This purchase was made because I had family in for Thanksgiving and figured I would use this controller as extra, that quickly changed after examining it. Here’s the lowdown as I see it for Gears 5 Xbox one controller, besides the great graphics and free downloadable content, it is extremely comfortable to hold, the right and left sticks as well as the triggers are textured. Speaking of the two sticks there don’t feel cheaply made, in fact they have a smooth, almost a glide to them. I would highly recommend buying this. If you found this post helpful hit the button so that I know I’m helping others make their decisions a little easier.
When I saw this controller I really wanted it on my collection. It was a good choice to order one, and that's because it has rubber grips, great details on the design and the color scheme is pretty lovely. Time for Gears 5!
This controller is exactly like all of the other limited edition controllers I have bought in the past. It has laser-etched details that add character, and the textured grips are a nice add. I was very disappointed to find out that this was supposed to have a DLC code for a character skin that was missing from the box! I could have probably returned the controller and gotten a replacement, but I wouldn't be able to prove that I hadn't removed the code (which was the only thing wrong)...

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