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Compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10; Includes Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets; Features a solid blue finish and textured grip; Get upto twice the wireless range compared to previous Xbox One controllers (tested using the Xbox One S console);...

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We have never had a problem with Xbox controllers until ordering this blue one. The first one that was delivered wouldn’t hold a charge with our battery pack so we assumed the rechargeable Xbox brand plug and play charging set had gone bad. I ordered a new Xbox brand plug and play charging set and set the controller up to charge. The controller at fully charged would last for 30-45 mins of play which is NOT normal. We tested the plug and play battery and cord with an existing controller that we had and it worked properly with several hours of play before the controller died.Amazon sent us a replacement blue controller and immediately my husband noticed the sound was cutting in and out when plugged into his headset. Also the buttons on the controller would only intermittently work. We unplugged the headset from the new blue controller and attached it to an existing controller that we had and viola the sound was not an issue and all buttons worked correctly. I’m not sure what the issue is with these blue controllers but after trying two of them we won’t be getting a third. Very frustrating!
This blue controller worked fine for a day or 2, then acted like the "A" button was sticking, and within a few minutes from that the controller wouldn't stay on and no buttons would work at all. We tried everything: switching batteries, restarting the Xbox several times, etc. These controllers are trash.It's not just this blue version either, or just the ones sold from Amazon. I bought 2 Xbox One S consoles for my kids for Christmas, that came with the white controllers. One I bought on Amazon and the other I bought directly from Microsoft. I also purchased the Minecraft controller directly from Microsoft for Christmas as well. We put one of the white controllers up so my son could use the Minecraft controller (so it was never used).Then within 5 months, the Minecraft controller started drifting really bad on both joysticks, and the microphone port started going out. Microsofts crappy warranty is only good for 90 days on these controllers, so I took the $60 loss and started using the white controller that came with the console that we never used. Within ONE WEEK the microphone port stopped working on the white controller, and now 3 months later the right joystick is drifting.The 2nd white controller that came with my other son's Xbox One console also quit working 6 months after purchase, which is why I bought this blue controller - that has the exact same issue as his white one (buttons not working and won't stay on). That's FOUR controllers that went bad in less than 6 months (2 went bad within a few days). This is ridiculous considering how much these things cost, and lack of wireless & headset capabilities from 3rd party sellers. We are stuck with these crappy Microsoft controllers.Microsoft, PLEASE use better parts in this controllers. For $50, they should last years - not days!Edit: I forgot to note that one of my other sons has the original Xbox One console, and the controller that came with that (the old one without the headphone port) still works fine and it's several year old. It's definitely an issue with the newer controllers.
I purchased this after seeing the reviews about it being a well built controller and they were not wrong. Most Xbox One controllers I have purchased have had problems with the D-Pad working or even the joysticks not being very responsive. After testing this out I have found none of these issues in this controller and I am very pleased over all with it. Works great for plugging my headset into and all the features of the controller work as advertised which I am sure many of you know is rare.

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