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Game loud and clear with the Xbox Stereo Headset which supports high-fidelity Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X spatial sound and crystal-clear chat in analog audio. The flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband utilizes plush cushioning to spread pressure evenly....

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An amazing product for $99.99! Xbox did a jam up job 💚 You can have it connected to both your Xbox and phone at the same time. The dolby atmos sounds amazing with games that support it! Remember: it is a $99.99 product. Don't fall for unwarranted higher prices.
Sounds quality is phenomenal!! The coolest thing is that you can twist the circle side piece to adjust the volume! The headband is super comfy! Look at how thicc it is!! I've tried on my husband's Pulse 3D headset, and let me tell you. This one easily takes the cake!You don't need an adapter first of all. Guess how you pair it... If you have an Xbox console (which most likely you do if you're buying an Xbox branded one, but I won't judge) it's literally the same as pairing a controller! Yep. Hold the power button, and the pair button on the console. The console will do a little light show (Xbox logo flickers) and then viola! They sync up! Once they're paired, you can use the power button on the headset to turn on your console! Just like how you can with a controller! Also it is adjustable!! Fellow big headed people, rejoice!Honestly it's a great deal, and since it's the official Xbox headset, I bet it gets plenty of support. I've seen two updates since I've had it! (Your console will let you know!)My only problem is that it's way better than my old one that's wired. I guess he'll get allocated to my Switch for now.This one being cord free is amazing. If I need to grab a drink, while in a game, I can do so without taking my controller with me. Brilliant! Oh it charges via Type C! Most likely you probably already have a device that uses it, but it did come with it's own cord!The mic sounds great, and it lights up. You can easily turn it off via a button on the mic piece. It'll light up white on the tip to let you know it's on, and the arm to the mic is bendable. Unlike some headsets that have a stiff plastic piece. Idk what else to add, other than that if you can snag one without scalper prices, I would highly recommend. If you hate it, I'm sorry. I think you will love it though! To be clear, anything above msrp ($99.99 usd) is scalper prices. Do as you wish, I just don't want to support them. I'm thankful to of been able to preorder mine. The quality is nice, especially for the msrp price! It feels like a great value.Thanks for reading! I hope you found this review helpful! 😊
If you care about sound quality this review is for you. If your idea of excellent sound is Bose or Beats... skip the reviews and buy these, you will love them as they sound just as good as those brands typical offerings.Looks good, feels good, connects easily, cool features, decent battery life. What's not to love? Well, for one thing they sound worse than my 25 year old $29 Sony headphones. Deep bass is completely non-existent. What you are left with is insanely loud, flabby mid-bass and loads of it. The mid-range is compressed sounding and details get lost in an ocean of noise during any complex portion of audio. Which are both pretty major issues as they are meant to listen to simulated battlefield sounds which have a lot of deep bass and complex passages (teammates talking, NPCs shouting, guns firing, bombs exploding, level-up badges chiming, helicopters flying over, missiles firing - all at the same time). I must admit I haven't bothered to test them on music alone... I just can't face the horror and am afraid what I might do to them in a fit of righteous indignation.Another problem is that the mic is subpar and the design is bizarre. Don't get me wrong, the mic sound is nowhere near as big a flub as the sound drivers, but I was hoping for better quality here too. Voice comes across sounding flat and electronic. The arm the mic sits on is also way to short (like 50% the minimum acceptable length). This is a problem because it's difficult to see the indicator light on it's tip, and since the mic appears to be permanently attached, I guess you are stuck with it being an issue and have to double check every time you want to be on or off mic.I've heard multiple reviewers say that in the $100 price range these are a great option (really cost $115 see note at bottom of review). I can't say I've listened to enough gaming headsets to have an opinion about that other than this: If that is the best you can do for $100; then don't sell $100 headsets. Give your your engineers another $20 in budget and charge $150 for them. People who can throw money at $70 games, $500 consoles, and $200 elite controllers can afford to spend a few bucks more for no major compromises.The worst part is that In the end, I will probably end up begrudgingly keeping them. I don't currently have another gaming headset, and I'm not interested in mic amps and work-arounds for the unnecessarily closed off Xbox wireless audio system. I've also read a lot of complaints on other, reportedly good sounding headsets not standing up to daily use. These just leave me feeling let down and like I'm settling for less (which I am). If only they sounded as good as they look and feel. What a shame.Sound quality 3/10Mic Quality 6/10Mic mute indicator: 1/10Appearance: 9/10Functionality 10/10Comfort 9/10Battery life 8/10Notes -1. I may have opted for an overall rating of 2.5 stars if the system allowed as the comfort and features are great... but then again that sound quality, ugh.2. So these really cost $115... When you get them, you'll find out you need to download and install the Dolby Access app on your Xbox to use that feature. I was confused about this initially thinking it's a headset built-in - as the product advertisement lead me to believe. The app has a free 7 day trial and then costs you $15. I am undecided on whether or not the Atmos virtual surround helps in the FPS games I play. Initial impressions are that it confuses me as to the location of enemies as often as it helps. That being said, I consider the app a must because it has a graphic-equalizer feature and you can use to turn down the ridiculously loud mid-bass to a level that won't cause an instant headache. Edit - I discovered that the Xbox accessories app has a (basic) built-in EQ feature for the headphones. I ended up opting to purchase the app anyway.

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