Xbox One Controller Charger, Xbox Controller Charging Station for Xbox One/One X/One S/One Elite, Xbox One Charger with 2 x 800mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs, 25.77, 0, $, .

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Features Charger Dock with 2 x 800mAh rechargeable Battery Two charge ways, you can charger the battery directly or put the controller on charging dock Long battery life, game time all by yourselves LED indicator to tell you the charging station’s statues 3-year warranty, if you have any...

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Not the best, both were hard to put in without breaking a tab that keeps them in place, I tried to put the battery in properly, but one of the tabs broke. It stays in but because the table broke, it will fall out. The one that got in properly works well, but it's inconsistent for results. Instructions are not very user friendly**UPDATE** Almost immediately after I left a review, the company reached out to me, quickly got me a replacement, and how to install it. Great customer service, they even reached out to me after that to check up on me. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE
You can’t use the original charging port on the controller to charge these. The new battery pack has a charging port right under the original. So the top would just power the controller and the bottom would power and charge. Which was great for us because one of our controller charging ports was broken and we were going to throw it away and this was a cheep fix. It’s really nice to have a spot to put your controllers while not in use that charges them
After going through a few months of the controller eating batteries this is fantastic. I charged them to full after getting them and have not had to charge again yet since 2/4 (no gaming sessions there, just streaming). The battery pack does not sit perfectly flush in the controller but no issues with charging or use, you can't even tell unless you are inspecting it closely. Very happy with this purchase. ESYWEN Xbox One Controller Charger, Dual Xbox Controller Charging Station with 2X 800mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox One/One S/One X/Xbox Elite ControllerSold by: TOPSHINE INC.

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