X-Files, Children of the

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(2009) “Real Housewives” meet “The X-Files” in “Children of the X Files”, a 35mm International UFO Congress Film Festival award winning dark satire of the UFO experience. Peter thought he had it all until he discovers his wife is having an affair!! Is her secret lover an Angel, a Demon, or an Alien! Can Peter win her back before she causes an Apocalypse!

The story is based on female abductee testimonials found in secret L.A.P.D. X files obtained by police forens… More >>

X-Files, Children of the

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  1. This is an absolute 3nd rate movie and even the dialogue was so childish it was hardly bearable to watch.

    This movie has made a mock of the real life experiences of Abductees and UFO sightings and the quality of the movie is hopeless and do I not recommend this DVD to anybody, it was poorly made…..don’t waste your money on it , its rubbish.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. We are priveleged to present a film that reveals years of secret files about the scope and number of alien species influencing world events. The coming climate change is just one of the events that will herald the coming of a new age for all mankind as genetic sciences alter our DNA and prepare us for Alien/Human intercourse.

    A dramatic presentation of Earth/Alien secrets revealed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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