Wireless Switch Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite, YCCTEAM 1200mAh Built-in Rechargeable Battery Remote Pro Controller Gamepad Joystick for Switch Console, Support Screenshot and Twitch Movement, 29.99, 0, $, .

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The Switch Pro controller is very similar to a number of other controllers for other consoles, PCs and mobile devices. There are two analog sticks (the right-hand stick is lower than the face buttons, more similar to the Xbox design than PS4), a D-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons and...

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I love this controller. I mostly play binding of Isaac (2000+ hours) on switch and this game requires pretty heavy use of the left joystick and right buttons for me. I have two joycons that are now worthless because of that fact, but this controller holds up.Pros:-Feels very good in my hands. I'm privy to the Xbox one controller and this feels like that but somehow much nicer. If there was a clone for Xbox i'd buy one for that too.-Feels like a very natural switch (hehe) and upgrade from the joycons. Everything is in the right place. Sometimes I tap the screenshot button trying to press select, but that's nbd to me.-Perfect weight. It looks like it should feel heavier. It's not light but it's not as heavy as an xbone controller so is very balanced.-Price is extremely fair considering the quality. "You get what you pay for" does not apply here, I feel the quality surpasses the price tag.-Battery life is outstanding. Playing as much as I do I feel like the battery should due much quicker, but it holds strong well passed my expectations.Cons:I try my best to give a fair, unbiased review, and I honestly can't find anything wrong with this controller.In conclusion, if you're debating this vs a first party Nintendo switch pro controller, I highly recommend this as an alternative. You'll get the same quality at a much more reasonable price.
We bought this controller with high hopes and saw that the reviews were decent. First controller we received had a stuck left button and so we returned it same day and asked for a replacement. Shipping for the replacement was super fast and we were very excited when it looked like all buttons worked. After charging it and starting to play we immediately noticed that the characters would move to the left when you were not even touching any buttons and you had to keep your thumb on the right joy stick to even get your characters to go in the directions you wanted them to go. Very disappointed as we had high hopes but ended up sending this one back as well (same day). They received my return on April 9th and they still have not refunded me my money. The replacement was easy and fast but when returning for a refund they delay,delay,delay. Don’t buy!!!!!! Just pay a bit more to get an OG controller and save the headache and hassle, that’s what we did. Just went to our local target. Wast of time.
As a wireless pro controller, this is a quality product for the price. The main functionality downsides I could find are really minor and include:*Cannot remotely turn on Switch with home button, only while plugged into dock*Rumble feature is not the same consistency as a Nintendo brand and doesn't always work at the same situations in games that use the Rumble feature*Shorter battery lifeAll things considered, none of the downsides should realistically affect access or enjoyment to games.

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