Wireless Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite,Switch Remote Control Gamepad Joypad for Nintendo Switch Console,Switch Joystick Controller with Turbo,Motion Control and Vibration, 22.94, 29.99, $, .

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  • Brand Name: JACKiSS PRO
  • Item Weight: 10.1 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 5 x 2.3 inches
  • Number of Items: 1


🎮【HIGH PERFORMANCE PRO CONTROLLER SWITCH】This wireless switch controller supports motion controls,3 levels dual motors vibration feedback,6-axis gyro somatosensory,auto sleep,TURBO and screenshot functions.Work with Bluetooth within 393ft,this switch remote controller is the best 3rd...

User reviews

 The controller is very ergonomic, it provides good grip, it is light weight, materials feel good, buttons are soft, the colors are nice, instructions to pair the controller are easy to follow, the controller has the feature of supporting amiibo function, you can add turbo to the buttons and adjust quickness to them, it has adjustable vibration, also the motion sensor is very responsive, the unit’s battery has lasted around 8 hrs total of play time and it has taken more or less than 3 hrs to charge.
This feels so good in the hand. Your fingers sink into the back like a ps type controller instead of the thicker official pro controller.It is also a little lighter which has actually led to me feeling a little less fatigue.So this was easy to pair and it came with instructions on how to adjust the vibration sensitivity, turbo, and all that fun stuff. It has a lot of features over the official pro controller. The turbo button is essentially an autoclicker which would be good for people with disabilities, but I feel it is kind of cheaty during normal competitive play otherwise. But if you like to play with that, you are able to program multiple buttons at once, just press the turbo button with the button you want to program and then when you press and hold that button next time it will autoclick. Do it again to disable it.The battery has lasted forever for me (and I like that is has a usb C port instead of a micro like some of these offbrand controllers do), it even includes a cable, and the buttons feel smooth and responsive, and the grip feels very comfortable.Overall this is a fantastic controller and at half the price of the pro controller you cant beat it.
 The D-Pad is too low and too close to the buttons on the right. Trying to play Mario Maker 2 with it sometimes becomes difficult, and pushing the right directional pad requires a little more effort than should be needed, as I have to reach my thumb over more than I'd like, and the rest of my hand will hit the L-Stick. I think the D-Pad should be where the L-Stick is, and the L-Stick where the D-Pad is, and it'd be more user responsive. Is the product good though? Absolutely. It's nice quality, though does feel a little cheap and light with the type of plastic used. I haven't had to charge it once yet with 2 weeks of use, so that's fantastic. It's just a really nice product for its price. If you need to go cheap, this is the item you DO want. Otherwise, look for something else more expensive. By no means does that mean this isn't worth your attention though. This is truly a fantastic item, but I need to be honest and critical. Just be wary of it if you have large hands like I do. If you're used to something like an XB1 controller, this may come as a bit of a weird feeling when using it. This controller also works on PC, but the controller scheme is the default Japanese one, where you need to press A to select things and B to go back, just like it is on the Switch in NA and JPN. You'd have to edit the controller mapping in the PC game.

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