Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch, STOGA Panda Switch Controller with NFC Wake-up Function, Compatible with Switch Lite/PC, Support Motion Control Turbo Vibration 2021 New, 26.99, 39.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【NFC and Wireless Connection】With NFC Amiibo function, the Switch controller suitable for Nintendo Switch can unlock more skills. Just long-press the reset button for 3 seconds, and you can easily pair with the console and support all switch...

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I put a lot of research into this product before actually getting it. This is my first controller like this and I really am extremely impressed by it. It’s extremely comfortable to hold and easy to sync with the switch.It has amazing customization options and is easy to get used to using.The only thing that might bother some people is that the joysticks are a little loud (they make a clicking sound). I’m not bothered by it so it’s not that bad honestly and I’m sensitive to those things.I just mentioned it because of others who might not want any noise.Anyway, overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and glad I bought this controller. And it’s so freaking adorable!!!I will update my review as I use this more over the next couple of weeks.
This controller is great! It's cute, it's unique, and it goes with the panda case and joystick pads I recently bought as well. I play Smash Ultimate, Calico, Animal Crossing, and Bayonetta 2 with it, mostly Bayonetta 2, and it works great. My only gripe with this controller is the XYAB buttons. They stick. If you button mash too much, they stick into the controller. You can't press them too quickly or they'll not register as more than one press. I don't know if this is just my controller, but it is the only issue I have. It doesn't bother me too much though, as I can always pick up my Joycons if I get to an intense part in a game. It connects quickly, comes fully charged, and has no drift or issues at all. It has good wireless connection to my Switch Pro, haven't tried it wired there yet, but it works wired with my PC Laptop. It takes some work to get it to actually work in-game, but it's pretty simple; all you have to do it enter Steam (if that's the platform you use) into Big Picture Mode, then play your game, press the Home button (which is the equivalent of the Xbox button), enter your settings and turn the controller settings to on. You have to do this with every game, but it's doesn't take long and quickly becomes routine. I haven't had this controller for more than a week, but I love it. If it starts to drift eventually, I will update this review.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I got my wife a switch for Christmas, and she has been loving it. I also got my daughter in law a switch lite. They absolutely love them. I love that some of my own favorite games are also available on the switch.We have been playing a bunch of multiplayer games, and it’s been great. I’ve used a few other comments trollers for it, and mostly find them lacking. They either don’t pair correctly, or they don’t function right.I paired this in a few seconds via the cable, and it works flawlessly. It fits my wife’s smaller hands well, and also my own larger ham hands.Functionally, it is essentially identical to the factory controller. All of the buttons are identical that is to say.It has a well balanced weight to it as well. It is heavy enough to feel sturdy, while not being so heavy it tired you out.But really, let’s talk about the panda in the room. My wife is obsessed with pandas this year. She has definitely adopted pandas as her spirit animal. She is using live streams of pandas as a screen saver. So this was a natural fit for her. She was so excited to get it, she literally squeezed with delight when she unwrapped it. It is her absolute favorite. And being able to charge while playing really makes her day.It’s a great controller, with an awesome aesthetic. The wife loves it and so do I.

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