Wireless Pro Controller Compatible with Switch/Switch Lite, YCCTEAM Remote Gamepad Joystick with NFC, Double Vibration and Wake up Function, 22.09, 39.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【Game Pro Controller with Wake up Function】YCCTEAM pro controller for switch comes with a wake-up feature. When the game console is in sleep mode, you just need to press one key 'HOME' button to wake up the console. This YCCTEAM Pro controller...

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So given the price I paid for this controller, I can't be too upset. I purchased this as a cheap temporary replacement for my Dualshock 4 controller for PC gaming, and I got what I paid for. In some ways it exceeded my expectations, but the shorcomings, especially D-Pad issues, have me disappointed to say the least. Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good controller for the money if you don't want to use it to play the aforementioned 2D Platformers, Gamecube games, and racing games.Pros:-Analog sticks: The analog sticks feel great, with a good recessed center for your thumbs, as expected of most modern controllers. They're very responsive, and right out of the box it feels great to use for shooters.-Gyro: I play a lot of shooters, and while I like keyboard and mouse for more competitive or precise experiences, I enjoy playing shooters with my controller for relaxation. However, to get the most out of any given controller, it's always best in my opinion to find a way to implement gyro controls to assist in aiming precisely. The gyro on this controller feels great, and as someone who fell in love with the concept for gyro on PC back in 2014 with the Steam Controller, later converting over to the Dualshock 4 as my primary, I can say the gyro feels just as precise. Capping zombies in RE4 feels just as good as it did with the DS4 controller. 😁-Controller look and feel: While some people are complaining about how it "feels cheap", I think they're confusing "light" with "cheap". With it being so light, it actually feels better for aiming in my personal opinion, though your mileage may vary. The plastic feels high quality, the buttons feel great with a nice clicky tactile feel akin to a mechanical keyboard. I also like the design on it as it not only looks pretty cool, it also feels like it won't slip out of my hands due to the texture.Cons:-2D Platformers: The D-Pad is bonkers! If you hold down in any of the 4 cardinal directions and your thumb isn't PRECISELY where it needs to be, it will count it as a roll-over. For example, I tested this playing some Super Mario Bros 3. I was holding down to test what it would be like to try and duck, and without touching either the left or right directions, just by wiggling the D-Pad slightly, it was barely registering I was trying to press down, instead making Mario move left or right.Gamecube games: There's no analog in the triggers, so you can't even emulate the dual-state triggers of a Gamecube controller. What would normally be analog triggers are digital buttons, though that's not a fault of the controller. It's a fault on Nintendo for not making their 2017 hybrid console include at least the FUNCTIONALITY for analog triggers to allow for Pro Controllers to have analog. Analog triggers have been an industry standard since the Dreamcast really, 20 years prior from the original Japanese release. And that leads me into my final point;Racing Games: Most every racing game since the Xbox 360 in 2005 uses analog triggers for the accelerator, reverse, and brakes. This allows for gradual control of the level of acceleration, letting you decide if you want to gently push on the gas or slam the pedal to the metal. However, as it is problematic for playing Gamecube games, it is also problematic for racing games that there is no analog in the triggers as it means full throttle or nothing, there is no in between. For some racers, this won't be a big deal, but for many like Project Cars, GRID... I could name dozens, if not hundreds of racers. Not to mention simulation games that utilize analog triggers.So overall, despite its flaws, for $25, I can't really complain. It's half the cost of a proper first-party wireless controller, and most people aren't going to be using this primarily for 2D Platformers or racing games anyway. The Switch already had the problem of no analog triggers, so again, I can't fault the controller. The D-Pad and the lack of rumble are really the two actual faults of the controller design itself, but honestly, I have my DS4 and Steam Controllers for those purposes if it comes down to it.The reason I bought this was because my DS4 right stick was getting some major drift, so I bought this as a temporary solution until I can get a proper DS4 controller replacement. This will get the job done with minimal problems from the drawbacks, so if you're in a similar boat, I can recommend it if you're on a budget. If you have the money though, don't cheap out, get a proper controller.4/5 for the price, but if it costs more than $25, get something else.
For the price, I can’t really complain. It does everything it says it can do. The plastic does feel a little cheap, but it is solid with no creaking sounds. In the hands, it feels in between an Xbox 360 and Xbox one controller. My hands are very large, so it feels a bit small to me. Should be a great fit for most though. The motion movement is very sensitive and tracks every movement well. Overall, it is a great alternative to the official pro controller.
The good:pairing was easy; decent battery life; responsive buttons and joysticks; nice sizeThe bad:It VIBRATES LIKE MAD, like, waaaaayyy too much, and it's LOUD when it does. This fatal flaw makes the controller effectively unusable. Its vibration cannot be adjusted. Playing Animal Crossing, it vibrates frequenlty for 5 seconds straight, and I bet that in some games it would go longer than that (didn't try a fighting game). I don't know what the engineer who made this was thinking. Just to be clear, if they never installed a vibration feature on this controller, it would have been so much better.The stuff I don't know but should mention:Not sure about the longevity of the controller, as I returned it within two days of getting it. Seemed sturdy enough.

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