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Baby, it’s cold outside: that’s the problem for U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale), the only law-enforcement officer assigned to Antarctica. On the verge of shipping out before the really bad weather hits, Carrie is confronted with a mysterious murder that sounds like a riddle: how’d a lone corpse find its way to the middle of an ice field, as though dropped from a great height? And what’s this have to do with the prologue about a Soviet fighter jet crashing some d… More >>


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  1. I don’t go into a Kate Beckinsale movie looking for riveting writing, masterly directing or breathtaking acting. I go in looking for Kate’s latex-clad heinie. Spandex is fine too; I don’t want her to grow stale as an actress. That’s why I like Kate Beckinsale, she’s reliable eye candy. If she wants to learn to act too, that’s fine with me, as long as she “acts” in movies about sexy, bloodthirsty, smoldering vampires, vampire slayers, werewolves, etc. But putting her in a movie where she has to play a U.S. Marshal who needs to solve an international geo-political mystery in Antarctica doesn’t seem like a good idea. For one thing she’s wearing a parka for 90% of the movie, and it’s not even a latex parka at that!

    As you may already know, she plays a U.S. Marshal who has requested duty in one of the worst law enforcement jobs on Earth, a station in America’s Antarctic base. She’s done this because she had a bad experience in Miami while working a drug case and is trying to run away from the guilt and feeling of betrayal that arose from that experience. As usual for a movie cop, just a few days before she is about to retire, bodies start to pile up and she has to make one last bust before she can ride off into the sunset.

    There are some speed bumps in solving the mystery. A huge storm is a’comin’ and if she doesn’t solve the mystery before it hits she will be stuck on the base for 6 months during the harsh winter period. Also, there is a masked killer, who looks like any generic masked killer in almost any lower tier thriller, who doesn’t want her poking her beautifully tilted nose into his business. And then there’s the biggest obstacle, which is the terrible, awful, thoroughly abysmal acting, writing and directing.

    The movie has an almost glacial pace. There is no building of suspense, followed by a release, followed by a bigger building of suspense. The movie is flat. It’s boring. When something does happen, you almost don’t even care.

    Kate’s not a bad actress when she’s doing what she does well, but pretending to solve mysteries isn’t one of those things. She’s not good and projecting emotions, at least not in this movie. Her character had the potential for some real depth and complexity, the ol’ woman running from her demons thing, but Kate doesn’t play her that way. As a matter of fact, it seems there were several different currents on the theme of loss here, but none of them were ever explored nearly closely enough, by the actors, writers or directors.

    Also, the movie doesn’t examine the unique setting of the film. A murder mystery at the bottom of the world, the most desolate and extreme environment on our planet should have been more interesting than this, just because of its setting. There are a few decent chases through a blizzard, a frozen cup of coffee and a neat scene involving Kate and frostbite, but the isolation, claustrophobia and pure alieness of the environment aren’t even touched on.

    If the movie had worked even as fun b movie fluff I would have enjoyed it, but it doesn’t even do that. Watching this movie I felt like I was waiting in line at the DMV, I just wanted to get it over with. Maybe someone will re-make this movie in the future and turn it into the good movie it deserves to be, someone who actually wants to make a good movie instead of just play at it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I’ve been hearing about this movie for many years. It’s an adaptation of a little known graphic novel and it was in pre-production for almost a decade. Reese Witherspoon was initially attached to this project. Reese as a federal agent is an even more ridiculous thought than Kate Beckinsale in the finished product. The buzz for this film turned bitter and hopeless as it was postponed again and again. Finally seeing the film, you get exactly what you expect. An interesting premise of a lone law enforcement officer stuck on the most remote continent on the planet having to capture a killer who has just committed the first murder in the history of Antarctica. Solid premise leads to lame results. First off we do not need any of these flashbacks to flesh out Kate’s character and her past in Miami. Totally irrelevant to waste time on this. Second of all there are no compelling villains here, there is basically just a bare bones plot about capturing some killer lurking amidst the snow and ice. There is nothing supernatural or extraterrestial here either, so forget about that.

    Some of the photography is lovely, especially the shots that don’t rely too heavily on computer generated imagery to stress the fakery of this whole enterprise. Kate does an admirable job with the limited material. The shower scene was totally gratuitous. The best thing about making a movie set in Antarctica and starring an attractive woman is the perverse pleasure a director can take in having the female lead walk around in heavy coats and sweaters, never showing any skin much to the chagrin of teenage boys. Unfortunately this director just couldn’t resist one short shower scene. You don’t even see anything, it’s merely an acknowledgement of hey, there’s a woman in this movie, let’s shamelessly give her a shower scene.

    I enjoyed Tom Skeritt’s presence in the film as he gives it more dignity than it deserves. There is one really good scene between him and Kate. I won’t spoil it for you but there’s real emotion in it. It involves some frostbite and a medical procedure.

    Well, too bad. Another film with a cool premise, great setting, a good female lead and some solid photography passes through the Hollywood junk machine and comes out as a disposable product. Filmgoers passed on this and with good reason. “Whiteout” will find some kind of small audience as a DVD rental or on late night television in the future.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. If you like beautiful Kate Beckinsale, you may like her latest effort “Whiteout.” But if you are looking for a great thriller (whatever your definition of “great” is), sorry, you don’t find one here. I thought the film’s premise about a dead body in Antarctica was promising and would offer at least something original. No, whoever wrote the screenplay (four writers are credited), they only came up with a plot that remains generic and below-average throughout, just like that of a badly-written straight-to-DVD thriller.

    In the new Dark Castle/Warner thriller “Whiteout” Kate Beckinsale plays Carrie Stetko, a US marshal stationed at American Antarctic base. She has been here for the past two years, and the tired marshal is about to leave the outpost for good when a dead body is found at the most remote site of the continent. This could be the first-ever homicide case in Antarctica, and Carrie is immediately sent to the scene, where she and Robert Pryce (Gabriel Macht), an operative from UN, discover something unusual deep in the ice.

    Actually, it is nothing unusual or surprising for those who have seen the film from the beginning. Despite occasional actions and flashbacks that suggest Carries’ traumatic past, “Whiteout” remains very dull. The film’s cliché-ridden story moves at a snail’s pace and works neither as thriller nor as drama. Columbus Short and Tom Skerritt appear as pilot and doctor respectively, but except one lengthy operation scene, they (and other supports) are just ciphers. Perhaps to say “ciphers” is not enough because during the “action” scenes, with heavy blizzard and thick overcoats, we often cannot tell who is chasing who, or simply what is going on.

    Sometimes it seems the director (Dominic Sena, “Swordfish”) is not really interested in the thriller he is supposed to tell. Things often happen and end abruptly. No attempt is made to build up the tension and even the Canadian location (the film was shot in Manitoba and Quebec) doesn’t look attractive enough. And as to the star Kate Beckinsale, yes, she does her best, but the fact only makes me feel that her efforts surely deserve far better.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. I’ve always wondered, “Is it ever possible for a movie about a serial killer in the Arctic to be so slow and boring?” And that is what I beg of you to ask yourself before even touching this movie in any shape or form- I mean, I have seen tons of slow movies about serial killers in the past that I have enjoyed immensely. The Silence of the Lambs, Zodiac, and Se7en moved at unbearably slow paces yet I enjoyed them and found them interesting. I am also not afraid to admit I enjoyed the first three Saw movies immenesely- Hell, the second movie works its best as a cracking little crime drama. The best part of the movie, without a doubt, is the conversation between John and Eric- the chemistry is beautiful! It’s like they admire each other, yet simultaneously hate each other too.

    Unfortunately, I am afraid that be not the case with “Whiteout”.

    Whiteout was based on a graphic novel of the same name. I have not read it, but I am certainly not doubting that it is better. There have been quite a few graphic novel adaptations this year- Watchmen seen through the eyes of Zack Snyder, the recent Surrogates, etc. And I LOVE graphic novels. I read Watchmen three times- it really is that great. Just this past Christmas I got “V For Vendetta”, which inspired the movie of the same name. I must say that Watchmen is probably the best film adaptation of a comic book ever- It follows the book VERY closely and doesn’t change anything majorly. I’ve heard from fanboys of the Whiteout graphic novel that this strays too far from it, and I’m not surprised

    Basically this movie is about a young woman named Carrie Stetko, who is stationed in Antarctica. It is her last three days in Antarctica, and she is just bringing things to a closure. However, things get complicated when a corpse entombed in ice shows up, and basically the same thing keeps happening, almost like a groundhog day loop. Furthermore, there is a huge ice storm coming, and if she doesn’t solve this mystery, she’ll be like all the others in the ice desert of nowhere.

    For the first time in my reviewing career, I am baffled. I’m sitting here with basically nothing to summarize. You notice how short the summary I put was? That’s basically only what I could remember. This review is taking me an hour, basically since NOTHING happens. Better than 50% of the movie is shots of the backs of people’s heads, which got really distracting after 20 minutes. The other 50% is made up of 25% of Kate Beckinsale running around in a parka, 20% shots of Antarctica and 5% of any real action whatsoever. When something happens, you’re so bored you can’t even tell that something’s happening.

    I’m not saying I hate slowly paced movies. If anything, some of the movies I absolutely love move are painfully slow. But compared to those ones, Whiteout is like a two hour joke without a punchline, with so little to do but so much to say. I’m pretty sure the author of the GN is going all Alan Moore on everybody right now involved with the project. I be not surpised if he was.


    Entertainment: 2/10- I stayed through the whole movie. Ph33r my l33r st4y1ng pow3rzzzz 😛

    Sex: 1/10

    Violence: 2/10. I’m actually kinda shocked I’m grading this movie on anything like that because hardly anything happens… ever.

    Runtime: I want those two hours back!!!!

    Shots of the backs of people’s heads: There’s tons of them. Actually, this movie should be called “A Mystery Including The Backs of People’s Heads in the Arctic”

    Litres of Tomato Ketchup: No tomatoes were harmed in the making of this movie

    ***Avoid unless you want to be bored rigid***
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. This movie was better than I had expected. At times it seems like an action film, then switches to suspense, and then it goes to a type of slasher film! Everybody does an awesome job, especially the beautiful Kate Beckinsale who stars as a U.S. deputy marshal named Carrie Stetko who is assigned to solve a murder in Antarctica within three days before the antarctic winter begins. I loved all the beautiful scenery that took place at night, and the big snowstorm. Carrie and her crew soon find a Russian plane that has been hidden in the snow for 50 years, which holds something worth killing for. Carrie must deal with more than one killer and she is betrayed by one of her friends. I highly recommend WHITEOUT!!!

    Rating: 4 / 5

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