‘When In Rome’ Trailer HD

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After stealing coins from an Italian fountain, a young American woman receives visits from numerous strangers who, having previously thrown coins into the fountain, are now in love with her.

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  1. seems so funny………
    😀 😀

  2. Im seeing it tomorrow c:

  3. you should still go see it though if you want, why let critics make the choice for you? they look at it a different way then the mere audience….btw it’s 11% now lol 🙂

  4. God damn dat bitch is fine.

  5. omg i watched it..
    ITS SO FUNNYY!!!!!

  6. @HeliosTitan I think the studio spent more money on plants posting how awesome this crap movie was than on the movie itself .

    For those fan boys I screened tonight, it was bad thank goodness I saw it for free.

  7. Reply
    frenchfriedpancakes January 29, 2010 at 5:21 am

    hey isnt that the lady who plays lucy in assassins creed? or am i just flat out wrong

  8. cool movie watch it first in


  9. So excited to see this movie tomorrow =]]

  10. Really good flick. Playin on theater-1.infoR – – without the R

  11. This film is at 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. Do I sense a hint of Golden Raspberries?

  12. I really enjoyed this movie… I am not sure why some people give it such a bad review… ive seen this at movies.ovemedia. com

  13. oh man, rotten tomatoes gave this movie a 7% of rating approval, i wanted to see this movie so bad though 🙁

  14. Reply
    ifhappinesshadataste January 29, 2010 at 9:22 am

    LEE PACE!!!!

  15. lol you know the movie’s shit when the selling point is the soundtrack.

  16. man this thread died! guess the executives ran outta money tryin to get a buzz started bout this garbage. nice to see the spammers haven’t run outta money!

  17. Stupid Love Letters – The Friday Night Boys 🙂

  18. how is this movie ? good?
    it seems good

  19. what song is that at 1:20?

  20. the song is called pony by erin mccarley

  21. @bigdude67: Are you kidding me? $25 to see this? Haha, am I glad I saw it for free. Since I’m feeling kind, if anyone else want to they can see it for free too. Here: onlinemovieshq . net

  22. Really good flick. See it first on theater-1.infoR – – without the R

  23. Reply
    OneSmallOrangeGossip January 29, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Does anyone know the song at 0:53? pleaseee tell me

  24. So for those who wanna watch this, I just found a site called My Movie Booth . com ..completely free too

  25. Can someone call the vet? Because these puppies are sick!

    XD That killed me, hahaa

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