Weeds: Season Five

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The hemptress returns in the complete fifth season of the Showtime’s; Original Series, WEEDS. When pot-selling soccer mom Nancy Botwin took her homegrown business south of the border, she found the grass wasn’t greener on the other side. Now she’s pregnant with the child of a powerful politician turned dangerous drug lord; or is she? Doug and Silas are trying to branch out on their own, Andy is looking to score, and Celia attempts to turn the tables on her kidnappers. With e… More >>

Weeds: Season Five

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  1. Briefly, I thought the show took a very weird turn. They must have run out of ideas to make such radical changes. I found the stories unpleasant, some characters despicable, and felt all the regular cast became obnoxious and unlikeable – especially Nancy. After “being in love” with Mary Louise for a few years I felt totally the opposite. There was no way she should have even been nominated for an Emmy, let alone win it. And she had the nerveto ask on Twitter, “Who Thought I Should Have Won the Emmy Last Night?” I bought two copies of the first four seasons. This is the first season that I will not even buy one. It’s unfortunate that Jenji and the writers had to ruin a Great Show.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. While I agree with the first review completely this show is still my favorite. I do wish Nancy had not turned so heartless.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This season struggled to find its footing. Storylines that began were quickly stopped, characters changed personality, almost seemingly randomly, and then there was a giant time shift for no real reason. I had a real hard time liking Nancy this season. There’s a moment in Season 5 where Andy very genuinely tells Nancy that she’s at fault for everything that’s happened to her, and asks how she could not know this. I loved that moment as it defined my growing problem with the show. While weeds started as a show with a mother who turned to selling drugs as a last resort to saving her family from financial ruin, she’s morphed into more of a thrill seeker. She prefers to be in danger, rather than run from it. This season especially, she’s had chances to escape from this situation, and live a normal life, but she doesn’t, and now knowingly choose the wrong path. Sure, television is based on characters in bad situations, but previously Nancy’s problems always stemmed from an outside source. Now she is the person making the bad decisions. It makes her character, and the show, less interesting.

    The show did have some great and very funny moments, but I feel so many characters are left without a real story or purpose, which is why so many times stories just end so quickly, as they tried something that just didn’t work, so they gave up. Hopefully the season finale’s promise of a stronger story for the supporting players and Nancy will lend itself to a much better season 6. Overall, an entertaining season, but with a large amount of flaws.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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