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  • Someone s killing our super heroes. The year is 1985 and super heroes have banded together to respond to the murder of one of their own. They soon uncover a sinister plot that puts all of humanity in grave danger. The super heroes fight to stop the impending doom only to find themselves a target for annihilation. But, if our super heroes are gone, who will save us? Format: BLU-RAY DISC Genre

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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 07/21/2009 Run time: 128 minutes Rating:
Everybody’s favorite graphic novel comes to the screen (after years of rumors and false starts), less a roaring work of adaptation than a respectful and faithful take on a radical original. Watchmen is set in the mid-1980s, a time of increased nuclear tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, as Richard Nixon is enjoying his fifth term as president… More >>


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  1. Does the idea of gazing at a circumcised blue penis for 30 minutes sound like fun to you?

    YES: Then by all means, watch this film!

    NO: I’d steer clear of this one, folks.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I saw this movie in the theater back in March. I do not see what the point of this movie was or why it was so popular. If I may be blunt this was the biggest piece of garbage to come into the cinema. The story made no sense, the acting was absolutely terrible, and it was way too violent. It was too long and pornographic as well so this is not a movie for little children. Do yourself a favor and do not waste three hours of your life and do something more constructive.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Watchmen was a mess of a movie with some good points in it. There are some huge logical/philosophical flaws in movie, so I’ll start with those.

    Dr. Manhattan is supposed to be a brilliant research scientist before his accident, yet he is stupid enough to accidentally walk into ground zero of an experiment that he likely designed and scheduled. The odds that he’d even be leaving the building to go somewhere else while such an important experiment in his department is going is implausible, much less a man of such intelligence being so absent-minded to walk into a dangerzone that he designed and oversees. SECONDLY, where are the security measures to prevent someone from walking in the wrong place and dying or being mutated? I’m willing to suspend my disbelief pretty easily, but this is just stupid. Would you believe Einstein made a weapon, scheduled a test, and then walked in front of it because he forgot his hat? Come on.

    The idea of the universe being a clock without a clock maker is the most nonscientific fairytale that could exist. Science involves determining the contents of an object and then determining where those contents came from and how they came together to form the current object, what is keeping them together currently, and lastly what will happen to them in the future. The clock without a maker is more ridiculous than saying a magic fairy came along and went, “Poof, here’s your clock.” At least in the magic fairy scenario, there is a cause and effect theory in place. There is no cause and effect in a clock without a maker, and science is cause and effect. The clock without a clockmaker is effect (existence) without a cause. Is the magic fairy example ridiculous? Sure it is. That’s my entire point. It’s completely ridiculous, and it’s still more scientific than the clock without a clockmaker. The mere idea that one of the smartest scientists who ever lived could believe such nonsense is beyond ludicrous.

    The editing is terrible. There is no reason to show The Silk Spectre II making up with her mother in the end. No one cares. Her mother is not on screen enough for anyone to care about her. We barely care about The Silk Spectre II as it is, much less her mother.

    Now the nudity. I saw this in a packed IMAX theater on opening night with diehard fans. You won’t ever get more of a receptive audience than that. The first 12 times they showed Manhattan’s penis, the crowd kept quiet. By the 50th penis flash the entire audience of 400 people or more were laughing and mocking the movie. When your entire audience laughs at your gratuitous nudity that yields nothing to the plot, you failed. Isn’t that the same thing that 80s horror movies are ridiculed for? It’s not art in the Watchmen and trash in Friday the 13th Part 7. That audience was the ideal one for this movie, and the constant nudity was unanimously labeled ridiculous.

    The fact that The Nite Owl II and The Silk Spectre II are so cowardly in the big confrontation scene destroys any sympathy or interest in them. The end result does not justify the means. There is no reason for them to be so spineless and compromising in the end.

    There are good things in this mix though.

    The acting is pretty solid all around. The problems are not with the execution in making the movie, but the original idea in the first place. Rorschach is an awesome character portrayed perfectly. The scenes with Rorschach are so good that it’s a shame there are so many other problems with the film. The decision he makes in the end is awesome. Rorschach is interesting enough to make a movie/graphic novel entirely about him.

    The lighting and cinematography made it beautiful to look at. The only problem is sifting through all of the above garbage to get to it is not worth the effort.

    I am a comic book fan, and this is the worst movie I’ve seen this year.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Words cannot described how bad this movie is. Slow and stupid. Avoid at all costs!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Needed more blue winnie and less blood. I don’t believe the same people that produced this that made 300. I want a refund. If I were alone; I would have walked out.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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