Warren Buffett: Woodstock for Capitalists

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CINE Golden Eagle Each year the faithful make a pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska. Some 15,000 people descend on this small Midwestern town, anxious to hear the wisdom of their humble guru. It is an event surrounded by ritual, adulation, and a fair amount of cult worship. But this is not a gathering of a religious sect; it is a shareholders’ meeting. It’s a millionaire’s convention – probably the largest gathering of private wealth at any one time, anywhere in the world. Th… More >>

Warren Buffett: Woodstock for Capitalists

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  1. Gives you a view of the fundamental values Warren Buffett provides American business. Fundamental work ethic; good product, good management, good value to the customer. Also get a chance to see the stockholders who worship his every move.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. This video is a wonderful window into Warren Buffett’s life and how humble and sincere he is. For being the third richest man in the world (after #1-Carlos Slim Helú then #2-Gates), a billionaire (2007 Forbes estimated him to be worth $52 billion), he is really a nice guy! And this video shows it. I would have imagined such a person to be unscrupulous, unethical, and a shark. Warren Buffett is the exact opposite, as this video shows.

    The video not only shows his ethical business philisophy, but his favorite restaurant of 40 years, his home – where he has lived since 1958. This video also includes interviews with his close business partner Charlie Munger (the other brain behind Bershire Hathaway)and how Charlie and Warren complement each other. There are other interviews from fellow Bershire Hathaway shareholders to fellow Omaha residents (his barber to Dairy Queen workers) who all express how well liked Warren Buffett is.

    The video also shows excerpts of the Bershire Hathaway Shareholder meeting and the viewer sees the great Oracle speak his brilliant business philosophy in his very simple home spun fashion.

    After watching the video, I feel I have a greater understanding of Warren Buffett and his business practice. This video would not necessarily be meant as a single solitary guide on “how to invest,” but still shows some very simple basic sound investing principles. For example, if you do have money to invest, look for a company who treats their shareholders well, like John D. Rockefeller (who treated his investors as fellow owners of Shell Oil) vs. Gould (who took advantage of his shareholders). or, “It is better to pay a fair price for a wonderful company, rather than pay a wonderful price for a fair company” – Warren Buffett

    This video is more of a general “overview” of Warren Buffett’s investing philosophy and allows the viewer to see him from a more personal level.

    This video is very well done and very entertaining. I highly recommend it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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