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  • The highly acclaimed director of FINDING NEMO and the creative storytellers behind CARS and RATATOUILLE transport you to a galaxy not so far away for a new cosmic comedy adventure about a determined robot named WALL-E. After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, the curious and lovable WALL-E discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. Join them

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The highly acclaimed director of Finding Nemo and the creative storytellers behind Cars and Ratatouille transport you to a galaxy not so far away for a new cosmic comedy adventure about a determined robot named Wall-E. After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, the curious and lovable Wall-E discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek search robot named Eve. Join them and a hilarious cast of characters on a fantastic journey across the … More >>


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  1. I think that Wall-E is a dismal failure as a children’s film. Oh, yes, throw in an environmental message. Forget to use any meaningful dialogue throughout the film. Use songs from the 1960’s with which children cannot begin to identify. Show earth as a desolate planet. Take Wall-E’s purpose of making garbage cubes and repeat it over and over. Bore little children, whose parents thought they were bringing their kids to a quality family movie. Love story? Oh, yes, children really like a love story between two robotic personalities who don’t talk. Lastly, everyone has got to be attracted to a film with fat people floating around, being too lazy to care for themselves. Ah, that captain figure was really something. What ever happened to Wall-E during that detour? What a sad waste of Walt Disney/Pixar talent!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. This is a funny flick. Comedy Central. Who doesn’t like the simple sweet robot, the hi-tech sweetheart on a mission, and the pet cockroach who lives in a many year old twinkie. With an added bonus of “Hello Dolly” undertones??

    As for the storyline? It was…. well crappy. Humans go fat, a robot ship wheel (with a plan to keep humans fat, dumb, and happy in space), and gosh its hard just to simplify the crazy. Eventually humans go back to desolate, probably not yet inhabitable earth, and are still barely able to walk. End of movie. Only redeeming features is the wall*e romance sub-plot.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. Wall E starts out fine but in the second half a message that is dangerous and just wrong comes across. The message is that fat people are lazy and stupid. Every human character in this movie is grossly obese and lazy. They stay in recliner chairs that hover and move around so they don’t have to. They are so lazy, they don’t even eat their food, they drink it instead. Then they are portrayed as dumber than dirt when their captain tells them they can grow pizza plants on earth. They are so excited to grow pizza plants, they wobble and waddle out of their chairs to follow the captain. It is sickening and untrue. If Pixar or Disney showed a race of people the way they show fat people the movie would be banned.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. My 7 year old hated this movie as did all her friends – younger and older. They said the best part of the movie was the popcorn. Too bad Pixar usually makes great, fun movies for all. They blew it this time. I’d give it less stars if I could.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. After seeing the amazing Kung Fu Panda 2 weeks before,I had high hopes that 6 yr. old granddaughter,her Dad and I were in for another treat going to see this,boy were we in for a MAJOR letdown!

    WALL-E doesn’t even come close to KFP’s production quality on ANY level!There is almost no story to speak of,nor dialog,for that matter which consists entirely of Wall-e saying Eve’s name and Eve saying WALL-E’s name!

    There are maybe 4 cute actions in the entire movie.

    We went to the 7:30PM show and the theater though packed,was mostly very quiet. None of the laughter throughout,like at the showing of Kung Fu Panda,where it seemed everyone was being thoroughly entertained.In fact,I suspect that many like my granddaughter,and her daddy,had fallen asleep,and I couldn’t keep from yawning the last 40 minutes.

    This film is not entertaining or even remotely interesting,and it is incredibly UGLY to look at!

    Warning Spoilers Ahead:

    Earth is nothing but an enormous uninhabited garbage dump,and the space station that WALL-E follows Eve to by stowing away on her rocket ship is full of morbidly obese humans who are so fat(nothing to do because everything is automated) that they can no longer walk so they fly around in motorized chairs.

    The Pixar Short shown before the film far surpasses WALL-E!

    This is one that should have gone direct to video,because I sure wish we had saved our money and waited to rent it on DVD. It isn’t worth an outing to the


    `Kung Fu Panda’ Clobbers `Wall-E’ at Annie Awards

    Kung Fu Panda shut out its competition in every major feature film category at the 36th annual Annie Awards celebrating 2008’s best animated movies. The DreamWorks Animation pic bested critic favorite Wall-E and other nominee Bolt for “Best Feature.”

    The surprise win is the first time DreamWorks has beaten a Pixar film for the top prize since 2001’s Shrek over Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. Panda took home fifteen statues Friday night and tied for the most wins ever. The Annie Award has matched the “Best Animated Feature” category at the Academy Awards every single year but one.


    Rating: 1 / 5

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