Walk the Line

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A solid and entertaining biopic, Walk the Line works less as a movie than an actors’ showcase for its stars. Joaquin Phoenix’s total immersion into the skin of singer Johnny Cash is startling–watching it, you can’t believe this is the same guy who whined about being “vexed” in Gladiator. As he evolves from a farm boy to gospel croonin’ plunker to the Man in Black, Phoenix disappears into Cash’s deep baritone, his way of slinging the guitar onto his back, and his hunched-up … More >>

Walk the Line

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  1. this has got to be one of the worst movies i have ever

    seen – total waste of time. the story line was garbage

    and the acting leaves a lot to be desired – stay away from

    this one – it will be just a waste of your money and time

    to view this one.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. typical hollywood crap. joaquin does a pale imitation of J.C. i honestly don’t know why so many people seem to love this movie. it’ a disservice to the man in black.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. “Walk The Line” was really crappy. Joaquin Phoenix did not look or sound anything like Johnny Cash at all and sometimes I forgot the movie was supposed to be about Johnny Cash until someone called him “Mr. Cash” or “Johnny”. The story was your standard rags-to-riches-to-drug addict story you’ve seen in every movie about a real person ever.

    The movie is pretty depressing, and you really get the impression that whoever this guy is that is loosely based on Johnny Cash was a real sissy, so really the movie is incredibly inaccurate right there because Johnny Cash was totally not a sissy. In the movie he cries a lot and he takes a lot of pills and his career starts when apparently he just randomly decides to play the guitar and start singing, even though at no point in the movie do they ever show him learning how to do either of those things.

    There’s a scene in a recording studio where Joaquin Phoenix absolutely destroys “Folsom Prison Blues” so bad it’s like the studio who made the movie hated the real Johnny Cash so much they wanted people who watched the movie to think he was possibly the worst singer ever. I mean it’s bad. Like so bad it’s “how did this stay in the movie?” bad.

    Not once in this movie did I think “Oh my God, Phoenix has totally become Johnny Cash!” at all. Mostly I was thinking “Why the heck is that guy from ‘Signs’ pretending he’s Johnny Cash?” and hating him.

    I know Ray Charles worked a lot with Jamie Foxx for “Ray” when they made that, and Johnny Cash was dead when they made “Walk The Line”, so Wa-Keen probably didn’t get to spend any time with him. If his performance is any indication he didn’t have a freaking clue who the hell Johnny Cash was before he read the script. If I was Johnny Cash I would rise from my grave and smash as many liquor bottles over Joaquin Phoenix’s head as I could before my undead arms got tired and then I would bust him in the nuts with a pool cue and finally choke him to death with a guitar string. Then I would feast on his brains, because I’d be Zombie Johnny Cash and I’d still be ten times cooler than Joaquin Phoenix, no matter how many black suits he wears.

    This guy is so not Johnny Cash that in a couple of the singing parts it sounds like they had to electronically lower Phoenix’s voice to try and get him to sound even a little bit like the real Cash. My girlfriend picked up on that too, and even she was laughing about it. You hear that, Joaquin Phoenix? Girls laugh at you. You’re not a man.

    Robert Patrick plays Johnny Cash’s father, and I was really hoping his arm would morph into a big spike “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”-style and impale Joaquin Phoenix during one of the like three hundred scenes where the so-called Johnny Cash character gets drunk and embarasses his family.

    Either that, or maybe a scene where the real Johnny Cash shows up and fights the T-1000 with a guitar. Throw in a car chase and some singing, a scene where the real Johnny Cash throws Reese Witherspoon through a window and she lands head first in the windshield of a pickup truck the real Johnny Cash then douses in gasoline, lights on fire, and kicks off a cliff with his cowboy boots, and “Walk The Line” would have been so much better.

    Probably would have won that Best Picture Oscar, at least.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Haven’t seen it yet (Of Course) but can’t wait too! Johnny Cash was an American Icon weither or not you liked Country Music or not. I’m glad this movie was made just so more people can undersntad just how amazing this guy really was. Johnny Cash was no fluke.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. This is a movie that benefits from two strong performances and chemistry between its leads.

    The film follows a paint-by-numbers formula I have seen many times before. The dialogue does not measure up, but the actors make it work.

    Joaquin Phoenix finally becomes a man and an actor in his own right -living out of the shadow of his legendary deceased older brother River Phoenix.

    Reese Witherspoon, who has become increasingly one-note and bland (and has the box office flops to prove it – Just Like Heaven, Vanity Fair) finds a role that allows her to stretch for the first time since her breakthrough in Election. Will she win the Oscar? Yes. Does she deserve it? No.

    The film Hollywood-izes drug addiction and infedlity. Could they make his first wife any more of a witch? But the love these two people share is real and the music is wonderful.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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