VR Headset Compatible with Nintendo Switch, OIVO 3D VR (Virtual Reality) Glasses, Labo Goggles Headset for Nintendo Switch, 27.99, 0, $, .

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VR Headset for Nintendo SwitchVR Hedset Made of EVA materieals, supper light weight and durable, no worry that your VR glass get mildew in wet weather. Why do you need it? HD optimization Takes you special experience to watch Youtube and play Zelda & Super Mario Odyssey etc. (VR games may be...

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Pros - Comfortable to wear as it is formed for normal facial features and does not cause any sharp pressure points. Nice packaging. Holds Switch firmly, so no need to worry about it falling out. Adjustable straps.Cons - Focal point is non-adjustable. I found that the lenses point away from center a tiny bit too far. Inner viewing overlap is cut off too much causing extra strain, which means that the lenses are just too small. Wish they would use lenses about the size of the Cardboard VR from Nintendo.This last set of Cons is not at fault of the VR design, but was due to the Nintendo Switch. The screen pixels are very obvious due to the screen itself having a low DPI as VR was an afterthought. Games compatible with VR lose some of the onscreen displays, such as in BOTW, you are stuck in Pro mode and have no in game navigation assistance.I am still providing 4 stars as the headset is comfortable to wear and has a good overall design, but still needs some improvement.Still deciding if the focal issue is enough to send the item back as I may be able to find a solution for it.
Want to play certain games in VR on your Nintendo Switch, but don't want to go through the trouble of putting together the Nintendo Labo VR? Look no further! While Nintendo's Labo VR is much more cost efficient than other VR headsets on the gaming market, OIVO's Labo VR headset is not only even more cost efficient, but is convieniently put together right out of the box. And unlike Nintendo's Labo VR, OIVO's Labo VR has a much needed headstrap! That way, you can rest your arms and even play some games with wireless controllers. Another plus to the OIVO Labo VR is that the headset itself is very lightweight, making it comfortable to use even during 1+ hours of gameplay.If you're worried about your Nintendo Switch falling out of the OIVO Labo VR headset when using wireless controllers, then don't worry at all. The Switch strap safely secures your Switch in the headset and will not fall out, but if you're still concerned for your Switch's safety, simply add a spare pair of Joy Cons to the sides of your Switch, although doing that may make the headset heavier.If you were hoping to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in VR with wireless controllers, sorry to say, but the game does not allow wireless controllers during gameplay. However, VR in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recommends to watch battles as opposed to playing them. Also, seeing some of the stages in VR is very cool and allows you to see more than you usually do during normal gameplay. Other games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, look very beautiful in VR, and the 3D effect really shows its true capabilities in that particular game.That is my detailed review of the OIVO Labo VR for Nintendo Switch. So, is it worth buying? Absolutely! It works as intended and has many advantages over the Nintendo Labo VR. While there are not many Nintendo Switch hits that support the VR feature, I can guarantee there will be many great games in the future that will support VR, and I'll be using the OIVO Labo VR more and more in the future. You should consider doing the same!
Pretty sure these are a joke. They don’t work at all, and are terribly uncomfortable. I have other VR goggles but wanted some for the Switch and these are horrible. They aren’t focused or spaced right so you can’t center it to get a single image.Don’t trust a single positive review. These are BAD

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