VOYEE Controller Replacement for Xbox One Controller, Enhanced Wired Controller with Headphone Jack/Double Shock/Upgraded Joystick Compatible with Microsoft Xbox One/X/S/PC Windwos 10/8/7 (White), 18.69, 24.99, $, .

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ABOUT VOYEE:VOYEE brand is registered on the Amazon platform in 2017 and focuses exclusively in Video Game Controller and Accessories! VOYEE is committed to provide high quality product and the excellent experience for customers. ABOUT WIRED Controller REPLACEMENT FOR XBOX ONE CONTROLLER

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I recently built a gaming pc (see my other reviews) but forgot how terrible I am at gaming on pc. I ended up picking this one to avoid all the wireless ones. I'd rather not have to keep charging them and stuff.This wired controller works as well as it could. It has a good weight to it and fits ergonomically in my hands. The usb cable is plenty long to reach from my pc to the couch so I don't have any issues. It works right out of the box. Just plugged it in and started up gta v.It's very responsive and has great haptic feedback. It's not over powering which is nice. It'll range in how hard the haptic feedback is depending on what's happening in the game.
We bought this especially to use it as a spare when any guest walks in and joins us playing on Xbox.As we already have two wireless controllers which have a charging dock we don't want another wireless charger which needs batteries so opted for a wired controller which is a cheaper option.We never used a wired controller earlier so ever a little apprehensive weather avoid controller will be convenient to use.we didn't find much difference in using a wireless controller and a wired controller as the cable of this controller is pretty long and does not really interfere while playing.The best part about this controller is that it does not need an additional battery. It's plug and play. And it's connected to the Xbox it turns on with green lights and they study to play.All the controls are same as any of the Xbox wireless controller.Physically and strong enough and can definitely be recommended.
It was 30 bucks. Good deal! Its worth like 35 bucks. If you are a heavy serious gamer then you want to pass. The buttons are clicky, the orientation of the left stick is off (at least on mine) and the D pad does what it wants to. The home button is oddly placed. The controller does everything I wanted it to so im pleased for the value. My only issue is the cord length. It could be longer. Seems corded controllers are hard to come by. Every one i found was corded the same way my wireless controller can be corded and my usb wires keep breaking. I was happy to find this and have it work as well as it does.

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