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Experience the American Journey through our country’s visual heritage in this historical recording provided by the National Archives of the United States.PRINCESS JULIANA MAKES FIRST VISIT TO DUTCH GUIANA,1943: 1. Princess Juliana reviews Dutch and U.S. Troops. The bush tribes pay their respects. 2. A volcano erupts on the Pacific island of Niuafoo. 3. A sheep herd is moved across Grand Coulee Dam. 4. A Canadian farm. 5. Marines go ashore on Bougainville and establish a beac… More >>


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  1. Excellent Collection, but Is It What You Searched for?

    I did an Amazon search using the words “Tarawa DVD.” I found a DVD titled “United News, Release 7883 (1943) Tarawa Captured, US Wins New Bases in the Pacific.” I clicked on the small image and reached the page including special offers, what other customers buy and product details. After reading this information, I ordered this item, thinking I was going to receive a DVD on Tarawa.

    When I received it and looked at the back of its box, I found 32 different short news reports, 30 of which were not about Tarawa. I decided to do a review and wavered between giving it zero stars or one star for deceiving me in this way.

    When I went back to Amazon, found the same DVD and scrolled beyond the first two pages of information, I found a section titled “Editorial Reviews.” Below this title, I found the titles of all 32 news reports. An Amazon company called CreateSpace made this DVD. I therefore believe Amazon should remove the deception in their advertising of all National Archives DVDs.

    They could do this by including a prominent note on the first, large-image page that leads to the product details. It could give the fraction of the DVD devoted to the search topic. It also could encourage the prospective buyer to scroll downward to “Editorial Reviews” to review the complete DVD contents.

    I watched the DVD, found it to be only 1/16 on the topic I searched for, but much more entertaining than the subject of Tarawa would be. All the footage is in black-and-white, which detracts from the prettiness, but does not detract and might even heighten the dramatic impact like it does in great movies such as “High Noon.”

    The topics included are variable, ranging from death in warfare to sheep crossing the Grand Coulee Dam. I found it to be more entertaining than most TV programs available to people who have 500 channels to choose from.

    These national archives DVDs must be of significant value to researchers and students. They should complement textbook learning. Those who publish textbooks offer products schools will adopt. In doing so, they must get past the prejudices of people on adoption committees. History tells us that we should expect that textbooks offered to students in three countries formerly at war with each other will offer three different versions of history.

    These news reports are not Hollywood movies or documentaries. They present the raw, unvarnished truth whether you like it or not.

    My selfish side suggests giving two stars to punish those who deceived me, but I hate to wreck a product that promises to be so valuable.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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