Unified Team Diving Essentials of Recreational Diving DVD

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UTD International is proud to offer the Essentials of Recreational Diving DVD . This DVD is an Overview of Recreational UTD/Hogarthian/DIR skills, course presentations and workbooks available to all divers either taking a UTD/Hogarthian/DIR oriented class or generally interested in improving their recreational diving.The primary component of the DVD is the presentation of 15 Essential recreational diving skills that provide a foundation for your diving career. As this is a D… More >>

Unified Team Diving Essentials of Recreational Diving DVD

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  1. This dvd is excellent if used for what it is intended, Support material for a DIR class. Although it demonstrates amazing dive technique and gives a good idea of valuable skils, the only way it would be effective is whith direction from an instructor and the other material that belongs with it.

    If you are looking at getting this DVD here and are not taking a DIR course then look at getting either of the next two DVDs from 5thD-X.

    For example Intro to technical diving has all the same skills plus a few more and actually breaks them down a little better.

    Good dvd in context.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Remember all the skills you were taught in your Beginning Open Water class? Well, forget them. THIS is the way that you should be diving. While the large agencies are content to turn out McDivers, once you’re ready to progress to a level where diving becomes relatively effortless and truly fun … you’ve come to the right place. Thanks, Andrew!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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