Ultimate Avengers Collection

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ULTIMATE AVENGERS 1 – A world in crisis. Age-old enemies on the verge of attack. A mighty team is recruited, and Earth’s ultimate hero is sought to lead them- Captain America. Unfortunately, he’s been frozen in ice for over sixty years. Inspired by Marvel’s best-selling books, “The Ultimates,” this is the extraordinary story of six very independent heroes who, like it or not, must fight as one to save the world. Little did they know that their biggest threat would emerge fr… More >>

Ultimate Avengers Collection

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  1. Just wanted to add my two cents as a fanboy: please note this animated feature follows the storyline of The Ultimates, a kind of parallel Marvel Universe Avengers than the one most people know.

    Basically, a couple of years ago Marvel Comics started publishing a line of comics with the “Ultimate” title, beginning with the X-Men (ie: Ultimate X-Men). This line was meant to be a starting off point for new readers with age-old Marvel characters set in contemporary times, like Peter Parker getting his powers in the new millenium, and eliminating the need for new readers to sift through the vast history of the Marvel Universe to understand what was going on. Some names and characters from the Old Marvel U would look familiar but their origins and storylines would vary in this new Ultimates universe (take for example the Gwen Stacy storyline in “classic” Marvel U and her storyline in the Ultimate universe)

    Ultimate X-Men proved so popular Marvel has done Ultimate Spiderman and also a title just called The Ultimates, which is this line’s take on the Avengers. The Ultimates is a VERY adult-leaning comic and I suspect they’ve had to tone some of that down for the animated feature, but if you want to brush up on what you’ll be getting into, there are currently four, I believe, volumes available in paperback. Even if the video sucks, do yourself a favor and pick up the books; they’re a good read and great artwork.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. All I’m gonna say is thanks again Lions Gate for totally butchering something that I truely love. Now maybe you’ll call me a fangirl picking the movie apart. Well whatever, if you accept this as a good movie you need to go back and re-read the book cause obviously you missed something. “The Ultimates” is about alot more than just re-introducing the Avngers to the younger generation. This movie completely miss’s that. Oh and as far as all you Amazonian’s out there giving this a good review and telling others to ignore the bad ones, you’re exactly the people Lions Gate is banking on rushing right out to buy this without first reading reviews. This movie might maybe be worth renting on the Avengers name alone, however anyone looking for The Ultimates here should go back and re-read the books, because there’s nothing Ultimate about this movie(aside from Ultimate Marvel Sell-Out)at all.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Okay, maybe for those of you who just looked at all the pretty pictures in Ultimates Vol #1 this will in fact be a direct adaptation for you. However, for those of you who actually read the book, you’re probably gonna be a little dissapointed. Read my review and you’ll see why. All these other reveiwers obviosly haven’t seen the movie, they’ve all just read articles about how cool it’s supposed to be and have hyped themselves up so high that I think they’re gonna feel like crying once they’ve seen the actual movie. Just so everyone knows this movie is loosely based on Marvels “Ultimates” series one written by Mark Millar. I say loosely because it only takes some of the elemants from that series like costumes. Most everything else is different, even the origins of the team itself is different from in the book. Some of the crucial parts of the series that really gave it it’s originality is completly left out, such as the domestic abuse between “Giant Man & Wasp”. I was under the impression this movie was an animated feature geared mainly towards adults. In some ways I suppose maybe yes, there is maybe some subject matter still left in tact, but definately still geared for a family audiance. this is not a direct a straight adaptation of the book like I’d heard so much about, some of the visual scenes in the book are there, but not in the same context as in the book. The other thing about this that bummed me out was the animation. I heard all this talk about how Lions Gate was using some special state of the art animation, and what you get here is no better than your average saturday morning cartoon stuff. It honestly looks to me like it was done by the same guys who did the X-Men, Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, & Fantastic 4 in the 90’s & those shows weren’t pretty, this movie may be a step(a small step) above those series. Basically if you’re looking for this to be Mark Millar’s Ultimates you might be disapointed, the movie is still entertaining, I guess I was just hoping the film would be a little more faithful to the books original content. We get to thank Lions Gate yet again for getting our hopes up and letting us down for another less than spectacular straight to video release. Okay I can see if this were a live action film, certain things would have to change obviously. Comics just don’t translate to film as well as we’d all hope they would. However with this movie being animated, not to mention the fact that this book was practically written to be translated to film, there’s really absolutely no excuse for altering the story here at all. I’d have been okay if the changes were just cutting “Naked Giant-Man” or “Hulk Horny”, these issue’s I can see maybe changing if need be for the censor’s. They’ve altered the story so much; why not just call the movie The Avengers, and leave anything Ultimate out of the picture altogether? It just really bothers me how badly Lions Gate has intentionally raped this project. Hopefully another more competent studio will bring us a live action “Ultimates” in the future, until then Lions Gate can just about garuntee I’ll be skipping the other 5 animated features including “Ultimate Avengers 2″(How awful does that look?)
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. First I’d like to say grifterb Milton is incorrect. Marvel’s ultimate line started with Spider-man then moved on to the X-Men then the Ultimates, which is the the basis for Ultimate Avengers.

    If you watch the trailer or stills, this film has been toned down from the source material to be perhaps a bit more adult than the Justice League cartoons. You should definitely read the comics.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. The violence on this is good. Could stand for a touch more though. I didnt like How some of the characters have changed from the old comics but I can deal with some of it. Nick Fury is not the one I remember and this character is inferior to the original by far but what ya gonna do? What threw me back was the way they have disrespected the Mighty Thor. They have turned him into a pansy liberal protestor guy, deprived him of his original colors, winged helmet and cape, and allowed the Hulk to pick up his hammer and hit him with it. Bruce Banner is strung out and Captain Americas voice is weak and unheroic. A lot of these things I dont like probably come straight from the Ultimates comic so I have to give the movie 5 stars. Im glads to see Marvel releasing this stuff and look forward to more. If I have to rate the current marvel characterizations however thats a big ZERO. No gonads. The movie itself is an excelent straight to dvd production not movie theater quality here but far better than television stuff. Yeah, I like it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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