Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, 149.95, 0, $, .

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The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is the successor to the best-selling premium wireless gaming headset designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S featuring Xbox Wireless and Windows Sonic surround sound. Take mobile calls or listen to your own music simultaneously while gaming through Bluetooth...

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I’ve owned Gen 1 Stealth 600s and 700s and compared to Gen 1 the quality of the Gen 2 headset is much, much better. The ear-cups are far more comfortable. It’s much less flimsy and feels like an Arctis Pro (which I have also owned). I have tried many different headsets for Xbox and Turtle Beach has the best connectivity and fewest issues. They have definitely stepped their game up with this headset.Update: I can confirm the app is now working and you are able to adjust the mic monitoring! All is well!
I want to first start off saying I was totally against TB, the last headset I had from them was garbage and felt like a kids toy, however after preordering the Xbox Series X I knew I needed a good headset and these officially advertise to work with the new Xbox so I went ahead and decided to try them out and boy am I glad I did.First these feel premium, they have weight to it and fit to your head and form perfectly! They are tight at first but after about an hour they break in and feel perfect. I don't really notice the cooling gel ear pads as my ears do get warm but that's not really a big deal as they fit so snugly to eliminate outside noises. As far as the weight is they way right around 14oz, so they are beefey but not to the point where they feel like they become a weight on your head. I've done hours and hours of gaming and honestly I forget they are on.Sound quality is amazing! I paired it to my phone to listen to music and the bass it has is just breath taking. Game audio sounds amazing and you can actually hear footsteps and where they are coming from.App, so I saw a lot of people mention you can't connect the headset to the app. However in order to have the headset pair to the app you must paid the headset to the phone. To do this open the app and let it start searching, now hit the Bluetooth button and the headset will say "Bluetooth on" and the app will find the headset instantly! If you want to paid your phone to the headset then you just press and hold the Bluetooth button and your phone will be able to find the headset and pair to it.The app allows you to customize what the buttons do and allows you to easily adjust your chat volume and change settings. You can also update firmware which is great as new features and bug fixes can be implemented with ease!Overall I am EXTREMLY satisfied with the 700 series and highly reccomend them. You won't be disappointed.
These stealth 700 gen 2 are supposed to have an app that allows you to mix the audio properly. This app does not connect at all to the headset. This wouldnt be such an issue if it wasnt the ONLY way to switch thru the equalizer settings. The name of the app is Turtle Beach Audio Hub, and you can go read the tons of bad reviews for it. Why would they make this the only way to change from the "super human hearing" setting (default)?? This takes all the bass and surround sound out of the equalizer leaving you with a very high treble tinny sound.I have tried to uninstall/reinstall the app, clear the cache, clear the data etc and nothing works to Bluetooth these headsets to the app. I can see its connected to my phone in the Bluetooth settings, but the app cannot see it? This is ridiculous for $150 newly redesigned headsets from one of the top manufacturers of these devices! C'mon TB, what is taking you so long to fix this app??? Why cant we change the options by just hitting the mode button? Did nobody QA test these before they were made to send out?I will be returning these if TB support cant help me on Monday. Oh, that's another thing, when i put in my Serial number into the TB support site for someone to contact me, it says my S/N is invalid. I know its right as ive entered it numerous times as it wont let me send a support ticket without it validating. What is wrong with you guys? Fix your suport site as well! Im starting to feel like TB just doesnt want you to contact them as they dont have any answers. Buy something else if you are considering these terribly designed headset/app combo.

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