Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile – Xbox One, 39.95, 0, $, .

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Built for your next Victory Royale, your latest achievement and much more with the Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headset for PS4 Pro and PS4. Featuring Turtle Beach's latest lightweight and comfortable headset design for hours of play, with high quality 40mm speakers and over ear premium synthetic...

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Replacement headset for my son. He's happy. Said it's better than his old one. Only issue is they cancel noise pretty well, so my kid can't hear me tell him to take out the trash!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!?This by far the worst advertisement for a product I have ever seen. They do all they can to essentially sell you that is it an Xbox one header product. (which it is) in doing so the deceive you by making you think all you need is the mic when in fact you need an adapter port to plug in(which costs 37$) complete bs. Not only that but I now basically just have a headset that give me gameplay sound which I could do with my apple headphones. To top it off even the gameplay sound is always breaking in and out because I can tell the cord is faulty. It cut out every 20 seconds and effects gameplay. What I find absolute disgusting about this product is the fact it is basically solely being advertised to Xbox one users when in reality it works best with every system except the Xbox. You do not need an adapter cable for any of these other systems it works perfectly. I will never buy on of there products again and am requesting a full refund. Complete scam DO NOT BUY!!!!
I bought this headset and it doesn't even have a mute switch...EDIT: You can mute this mic it just doesn't have an actual switch which is annoying to me. But you can mute it, and it works fine other than that.

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