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Built for your next Victory Royale, your latest achievement and much more is the Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headset for Nintendo Switch. Featuring Turtle Beach's latest lightweight and comfortable headset design for hours of play, with high quality 40mm speakers and over ear premium synthetic...

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Yes it works for the switch console. If you buy an extender cord (which you should) you MUST BUY A 4 POLE - looks like it has 3 rings not 2) so that the extender supports the microphone. If the extender only has 2 rings the mic won’t work
Works on switch, you have to change the Nintendo Switch default settings to allow the microhone to work.
I really like this headset. Very comfortable on my head, perfect to play for hours. Ear cushions are very comfortable on my ear, and it doesn't make my ears sweat, which is a plus. I like, that the flip-up microphone to mute, gives you a lock position, to know that the mic is muted, other than the Astro A10s where you don't know if the mic is muted. The speakers are really good. So far, I've been playing firestorm (Battle Royale) on Battlefield 5 with these headphones. So far, I played 5 games and won every game. These headphones are built for battle royale. Thanks turtle beach, for making these headphones. You always succeed in satisfying me.

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