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Take gaming audio and comfort on Xbox One to the next level with the Turtle Beach Recon 50X White gaming headset. The Recon 50X White features Turtle Beach's latest lightweight and comfortable design, with large 40mm over-ear (closed) speakers that let you hear every crisp high and thundering...

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These headphones are very good if you are a casual/hardcore gamer that doesn't have a lot in their wallet.These headphones have a lot of pros few cons. Pros:Clear audio, Very comfortable as advertised, customizable volume, off or on button for mic, you can use for gaming or just watching a movie, you can also use these headphones for most phones,very long lasting (have used these headphones for more than 6 months now and they are as good as new),and my favorite thing about these headphones is that they are VERY durable. Little sibling twisted it? No problem! Dropped it? No problem! Threw it? No problem! These headphones can be a very easy fix if broke, warranty not really needed greatly. Cons are: Very few times for me I feel the plastic top of the headphones hurting my head when I play for long periods a little bit despite the headrest. Another con is if you have a big head these will not work very well for you. I am personally started in my teenage years and have to use the max suspension for the headphones to fit my head, and my head is below average to average size for my age. Overall if these Cons do not matter to you much, these are an excellent choice! If they do matter to you a little bit, I reccomend you try it out and if it does not work for you I believe there is a return policy for these headphones. Thank you for reading this review, I really put effort into this, so please mark it as helpful! I assure you I was not payed to say this as I am a average teenage gamer. Thanks for reading!
Overall, these are nice and are worth the price. However the biggest drawback for me(strictly opinion) is the sensitivity of the mic.Pros:-The headphones are very comfortable to wear and the ear cushion are nice and feel like they have good build quality.-The headphones are adjustable in many places so that you have a perfect fit and they don’t feel awkward.-The control panel (or whatever that thingy is, where you adjust the volume and stuff) isn’t bulky and clumbersome.-The mic is removable which is great if sometimes I just want to listen to music. I can. And there volume, treble and bass, is great.CONS:-The microphone is really sensitive. This is one of my cons however, other people can like microphones to be like this. When I play I solve it by keeping the mic far away from me but still then you can hear background noises in my 7-people household easily.-There could be better noise cancellation. The ear cushions don’t offer much noise cancellation and I will sometime hear something outside the game goin on in my house, and think it’s in-game. This is made up for because the volume is plenty loud and not everyone lives in a menagerie like me.Overall these are great and the only drawbacks are opinionated or circumstantial. Although the noise cancellation could be a lot better, other than that everything is fine, especially for the price. And that’s why I’m giving it 5 stars.Also make sure to press helpful if this review was helpful. It allows others to see it.
We've gone through 2 pairs - both with same problem. After a month or two, both sets were only semi functional. Don't bother getting the protection plan as that is not effective until a year after purchase. Customer service is ridiculous - after a few different cust. service reps contacted me (for same info), end result was having to send back headset before it could be replaced. I'm not used to that with other items I've purchased on Amazon.

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