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Raise your game on Xbox One with the new Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus. The Audio Controller Plus adds Superhuman Hearing and Game and Mic audio presets to your audio experience. Of course, critical controls for Master Volume, Game and Chat Volume mix and Mic Mute are also right at your...

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I'm sure it works but have to buy another part to make it work. When reading the question of does this work my XP 510 the answer was YES, it stats that this is compatible with the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP 510 and gives a website for compatibility info, link does not take you directly to said resource. That is most of the truth, what i did not see mentioned was that for this to work you need a male 2.5mm to male 3.5mm cable or a adapter cable for this to work. Now i have to buy a $10 cable for my $40 Headset controller to work with my expensive (at the time) wireless headset. The 9 inch long USB cable is useless for $40 you should also include the 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable to make this a useful product right out of the box.
The cheaper one loses some features - the more expensive adds some "modes" that don't add anything tanglible. The Xbox one is trash (and useless on new controllers), and the other Mfgs are hard to find or just not better than this.THIS IS HOW ALL XBOX HEADSETS SHOULD WORK.This has 3 levels of "background noise reduction or MIC MODE" to keep your always-on mic from picking up all the clicks and breaths and TV sounds and roommates / spouse / parents talking in the room. SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN XBOX FEATURE ALL ALONG! Also, the dedicated mute toggle is a LIFE SAVER when you want to have a side conversation.Variable Mic Monitoring! Hold the Mute until it beeps - this turns up or down the amount of your own voice you hear in the headset - super helpful for people using noise cancelling headsets, as it makes it sound more natural and it stops you from yelling. On the fly adjustment (if you need it) and no lag or echo.Use the left side up-down to adjust game/chat balance, and the right side is total volume up/down. There are a few EQ modes that can compensate for weaker headsets with bass or treble issues, too. The "superhearing" thing seems like a gimmick - it sounds like it just cuts the bass, so maybe that helps in some games when you need to hear reloads or footsteps - but definitely don't leave it on.Oh! And if you plug your controller into your PC, this still works as your audio device, same features as on Xbox! Very cool.
This unit works with any headset I have tried so far and provides mic monitoring plus other great features. I do not own any Turtle Beach headsets. This was something that believe it or not, I could only find two places (both YouTube) that said it would do just that. I made the mistake and bought the Microsoft stereo adapter first but one headset I really like will make room noise almost inaudible and I do not shout but rather talk a lot lower because of it. This little audio controller worth the money.Update...I have had the original for 7 months and it still works. I recently purchased another and another HyperX Cloud headset for my 2nd XB1. I have no complaints so far. Both work with that headset flawlessly.

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