Trigun – The Complete Boxed Set

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The wild gun-crazy action of Trigun gets collected in a new eight-volume DVD boxed set featuring 26 episodes of brand-new art from Takahiro Yoshimatsu, the character designer of Trigun.
Who and what is Vash the Stampede, a.k.a. “The Humanoid Typhoon”? To bounty hunters, he’s an outlaw with 60,000,000,000 Double Dollars on his head. To Meryl Stryfe and Millie Thompson of the Bernardelli Insurance Society, he’s a walking disaster area who’s cost the compa… More >>

Trigun – The Complete Boxed Set

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  1. It’s an o.k anime, but compared to Evangelion and Lain it’s pathetic. It is basically about some fool who eats donoughts and walks around causes destruction while two people follow him and “clean it up”. The protaganist is an excellant marksman and yet he never fires a gun until episode 5, which is pretty lame considering one of his arms is a gun and instead he walks around eating doughnuts. It’s basically in the
    lame-o class with simple and pathetic animes like pokemon. Evangelion and Lain are complex, intrigueing, and enticing animes that always keep you coming back for more. Trigun is more the o.k this stinks, when is it going to be over type. How it got any fans at all is a mystery to me.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I really do not understand how so many people can say this is one of the best animes they have seen. From the beginning of the series I was convinced that I wouldn’t like it but I kept watching because some people said that the series become more serious as the chapters were closing to the end.

    Let me say that the come is very, very, very bad the story line is boring, the characters development is week specially for the first character “Vash” who I was not intrested at all because of the riddiculous jokes and behavior. Action sequences were even worse.

    This is anime is very inmature. I gave it 1 star because I could not give “0”
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. hmm….i don’t know why so many people like this show. It isn’t the worse anime, but it isn’t even decent. i don’t see how trigun is funny. It just has ALOT of lame jokes in it. If your looking for something funny, you don’t have to put up with this, just go watch simpsons. watching Gary Coleman trying to run for govenor is funnier than trigun. trigun is about a guy with a gun so you would expect alot of action right? there is only a little action cuz the main character doesn’t kill anyone and he always survives the impossible. The ending sucks because it comes so sudden and and the final battle is short and pointless. I’d recommend this if you are a kid 12 or under, but for anyone older, get a life don’t waste money on this. It’s not even worth the plastic that it is on.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I think the main reason i probably like trigun is because of the preist. I think i relate to him most of all and that is why i like tri-gun but what makes me hate tri-gun is that the vash (main character) acts way to stupid . When i saw the episode where a boy or whatever was some kind of demon and was ready to blow the vash’s head right off his shoulders along with the girl vash was trying to talk the demon kid out of it and the demon kid wasn’t even budging and looked like he was going to kill both vash and the girl then the preist shoots the demon kid before anything can happen and vash becomes pissed off at the preist for what he did because he said he should have givin the demon kid a chance and he wouldn’t have shot. Later on down the line the preist starts to believe vash and i think starts to feel bad about what he did so later on when the preist defeats his teacher he decides to turn his back on him and giving him a secound chance while the teacher still has a weapon in his hand and then the preist get’s shot in the back and dies for listening to vash’s stupid way of thinking. Vash has got to be the dumbest hero besides goku who constantly gives his enemies a secound chance to kill him. If you watch DBZ you will remember when Goku gave Captin Genu a secound chance to walk away and then captin genu realising how stupid Goku was took advantage of Goku’s weakness took his body. Lucky for goku he got his body back later on. But then again when Goku went to fight freiza vegeta before he died on namek warned and begged Goku not to be so stupid and to give freiza a secound chance and told him to finish him off. He told Goku how evil freiza was and how many people he killed and how he killed both Vegeta’s and Goku’s dad and then Goku said he would not give freiza a secound chance and promised he would finish freiza off but to no avail Goku gave freiza a secound chance after freiza was cut in half by giving him some of his own power so he could escape the planet that was about to blow up and then freiza used that last bit of power to try and kill goku but then goku turned around and killed freiza just in the nik of time. Vash acts just like this and that is why i don’t like him
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. I have spent the past 3 years hearing a lot about TRIGUN, and by the reviews here on you would think this MUST be a masterpiece of art and writing unrivaled. Sadly, TRIGUN is not very remarkable in any way and fades into the genre of average anime for kids.

    The writing is possibly the biggest error in this series because it makes no sense 80 percent of the time. Stories start somewhere, wobble about, define very little and then end with semi-resolution that leaves questions an average view just WON’T care about. The entire logical, or logically suspended, nature of the world, the society, and the very motivation of the characters is equivocal on most fronts. Marked by punctuations of bizarre expressions, innappropriate vocal expression and blathering unter-philosophy it becomes even more difficult to understand how Vash, Milly or Meryl (or any of the other characters or villains) function. Much is just lazy writing dealing with simple characters squeezed into an unimaginitive world to satisfy a writer’s attempt to bridge ‘cool’ scenes with strange philosophical ramblings…but some of the blame falls on…

    The Art. Well, it is hard to say this is anything great. Every building, every hill, everything that could be painted or drawn in the backgrounds looks like identically soupy and nondescript shapes you find in every scene of this series. The direction and art direction obviously doesn’t care that no detail or color could be introduced to pull locations apart from each other and thus make this ‘Scooby Doo’ 1969 with slightly better perspective. The sci-fi element looks neither believable or fantastically imaginitive, and the common designs of buses, bars, streets, and objects is uninspired. Storytelling through film is lost most times because you don’t understand where the characters are, and shots sometimes collapse forms to the point of vagueness. The entire series has been designed around a drawing of a guy in a ‘cool’ coat with a less then amazing gun.

    The music is blaring and rudely placed to take the viewer away from the story. It is a kind of reminiscent of Cowboy bebop, but it is the K-Mart version of Yoko Kanno’s Rodeo Drive creativity.

    The translation is pretty annoying as well. Generally the voices never connect the viewer to the story or emotion save a few tender moments from Vash (except he is usually babbling faux emotion inappropriate for the scene).

    Over all, nothing great. Not very funny. There is ACTION, but it is the lazy action chosing sad shots, sequencing and timing making it look lame most times. Story is slow and poorly structured. Design is sloppy and uninspired. Music is oddly placed and disturbing. Yeah….you know the wrap up:

    A good thing to watch if you have nothing to do….ever……again. Period.

    How it garners such fan fare from anime fans is beyond me when there are far better series and movies out there flaunting excellence.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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