Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Official Movie Trailer

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Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Movie Trailer – Official Give Michael Bay two hundred million dollars and what do you get? Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Sam Witwicky’s off to college, but his Transformer buddies aren’t sitting around idle…or idling. They’re neck-deep in a whole new problem that will force them into another battle with Megatron…and worse. Check out the trailer! So is this going to be the high-octane hit of the summer, or has Michael Bay bought a two hundred …

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  8. @Alexchannel217

    Megan Fox is a bit too skinny, if you ask me. Besides that, explaining why you like/dislike a movie is much easier than explaining why you would like/dislike someone’s look. Especially when you’re talking about things like plotholes.

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  12. @enisijzer you cant really explain why you like something all of the time. We just think it was a good movie with good characters. you might not like the characters. Like, if i asked you, “why do you think megan fox is pretty?” would you be able to say “because of this and that and this” NO! you just think shes pretty because you think she is.

  13. I just like arguing. And if someone has some good arguments, he/she might be able to prove me wrong.. but that hasn’t really happend. I can’t see why anyone would post stuff like: “awesome movie!!” if you can’t even explain why you think it’s awesome.

  14. why do you want a solid argument? why do u even want to argue? even if they cant have solid arguments, people can still think the movie was THE BEST. you dont, thats cool, but why are you so determined to prove people wrong?

  15. lol i loved te orange smoke scene! Major lennox: That orange smoke? RUNNN! *they all start running* lol and i agree with you. Even though I LOVED the movie.

  16. @RussellG1992

    It’s not that they have a different opinion.. It’s the fact that all they keep saying is: “it’s awesome, it’s awesome!”, but they can never really back it up with some solid arguments. Besides, I really don’t respect these ignorant people I’ve been arguing with because they judge movies before even having seen it.

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  18. @enisijzer
    Personally I didn’t find the entire movie all that great. how ever with some of the military humor in there i did laugh at those. (the orange smoke scene was probably my favorite)
    but what i’m getting at is just because someone doesn’t agree with what you say doesn’t make them wrong.
    people naturally have different opinions.
    now if you want to continue arguing over a movie then be my guest.
    it only makes you look like the child.

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  20. 2 things i have to question about this flim.
    1. in the first thay say everyone dies at that base in but why is the like boss guy of nest still alive when he was ment to be dead?
    also the decepicon ‘Bonecrusher’ dies in the first one by prime. but in the second flim, if you look at after the 13 decepticons land at the ruins before the major (fucking love that battle) battle site in egypt you see the excact same one moving towards the nest troups and autobots?

    anyone care to answer

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  22. megan fox is very beautiful

  23. Reply
    SirJoshyOfMightyTown January 27, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Yeah thats right 😀

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