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2nd New Official Movie Trailer . Please Do subscribe me and support me for more latest uploads! Cast & Crew Directed by SUDARSHAN THAPA Actor / Actress : ARYAN SIGDEL, NAMRATA SHRESTHA,JEEWAN LUITEL, ASHOK SHERMA, KESHAB BHATTARAI, JENISHA MOKTAN, SUSHMA KARKI Special Appearance REKHA THAPA Music Director SUGAM POKHREL, BIPIN ACHARYA Director of Photography RAJESH SINGH Fight Director ANIL RAI Choreographer RENESHA RAI Editor SUREN PAUDEL Story by SUVAS S. BASNYAT Production Controller SURAJ ACHARYA Thank-X

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  1. crazy frist loveο»Ώ

  2. hey daju tapai kina sabai kura lai cast sanga relate garnu huncha.. kahiale kirat vannu huncha kahilae k vannu huncha ,,,
    just be Nepali …
    We nepali have only one religion” HINDU”
    we only have one cast”ο»Ώ Nepali”
    Jai Nepal!!!!

  3. may be you are not in film industryο»Ώ that’s why…..

  4. the earliest Newar group such as Shakya, Dangol, Maharjan is Kirat. But Shrestha, Pradhan although are Newar are not Kirat.
    Shrestha, Pradhan came to theο»Ώ Kathmandu valley in the later period from 17th century.

  5. dun u think they need to work more on acting?the deep feelings wuz nt there,buh i love this movie thou copied,,,the only thing is chemistry wuz bad actress look toooo matured,,iο»Ώ love the guy,,

  6. really?buh i duno y i find him superb,,,loved his hair wen it was wet wen he was dancing in the rain,i find him coollllllllllll,madly liking him,i dunno how he look in real buh i find him so sweet in this movie,,i jus loveeeeeeeeο»Ώ him

  7. i knw dis movie is copied buh comparing to other nepali movies dis one is realy amazing,aftr a long tym i saw gudο»Ώ editin,places wer superb,rain wuz perfect,buh i find the actress lil matured than the actor,chemistry wuz bad,n acting wuz not excellent,i tink dey need to work more on acting buh tey did fine,waiting to c more movies of this actor,c’monwriters win the hrt of all the pple aroun dis wrld,love u Mr handsome actor,u tuk ma hrt away,sory i forgot his name can u tell me his name?

  8. copy from millionariesο»Ώ first love

  9. @dilipraiο»Ώ

  10. ghanta dhoti jasto dekhi ne actor kina rakhe ko hola..
    oriental lookingο»Ώ wala rakh nuni

  11. howο»Ώ come we don’t have Mongolian actors/actress in nepali film industry?

  12. anyone help to uploadο»Ώ this movie…….plzzzzzzzzz

  13. Reply
    MrNepalikancha101 May 1, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    prithvi narayan shahο»Ώ ko movie banauna parne. ramro hos ya nahos me herthe tyo movie

  14. would bο»Ώ much better wid fresh acts…New gener actor n actress.. quality wise is far more better den da oldies… kep up da gd wrk…
    N hope to c new faces soon

  15. i dont know why people just cant appreciate the good far as i know the actor actress in the film are far better than the actors that we have in the nepali industry just appreciate the new and good work…..waiting to watch this movie…seems awesome…..plz someone plz uploadο»Ώ this movie…..

  16. the guy look like some bollywood ‘”B” gradeο»Ώ hero..

  17. hurry upο»Ώ upload this movie

  18. dis not enough nepali movie should have to improve lotsο»Ώ

  19. lol I agree wif limbukoshan!! actress chai ramri cha.. ali uttauli cha.. hero chai… ummmm soo not cool lol..

    no offense.. I can give my opinion on it..
    but Nepal le progress chaiο»Ώ garecha hai..
    Keep it mathi!!!!

  20. somebodyο»Ώ uplode this movie plz

  21. absolutely agree with you.. we got whole lot of historic events that could make a greatο»Ώ movie.. and no song in the movies from the middle of nowhere that so bollywood and so unrealistic…

  22. iya…reallyο»Ώ appreciated ur comments post in this video…..liked ur opinion nabt making movies from novels

  23. nice to c the improvements in nepali movies but pple would still b happy to c the original stories instead of the copied ones…..nowadays every1 watches korean movies n i dont think it’s an appropriate way to attract nepali audiences toο»Ώ the hall by making copies of korean movies…..why dont the filmakers try making movies out of famous novels….i think that would b great!!!

  24. i personally would like some original storylines like kagbeni… i meanο»Ώ we don’t have an iconic nepali film yet… there are lots that just seem to have been made in a cloning laboratory… sad sad situation…. how about a biopic in the history of nepal????? with no unrealistic songs in the middle where the characters involved wave their hands around in exotic locations…. thats a bollywood clichΓ©.

  25. itsο»Ώ good to see nepalese movie going good. copy nai gare pani try ta gare ko cha ni….
    and hatts off to sugam dai his music is simply great

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