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T.Flight Hotas One, an officially-licensed joystick for Xbox One and Windows, provides a high level of realism: the stick includes five axes, fourteen action buttons, a rapid-fire trigger and a multidirectional hat switch (navigation/panoramic view), all of which are easily accessible. The...

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This joystick and throttle were literally game-changing for Elite Dangerous when I first set it up. While it had a bit of a learning curve, it was overall intuitive and felt natural once I had the button mapping memorized and no longer had to crash my way into landings. Within a week, however, I noticed the yaw control kept sticking left, so I'd unplug it and plug it back in to get things working again. Then slowly, other buttons started either sticking down or not functioning, meaning I was going through the plug/unplug routine 10-15 times for a 2 hour gaming session. (Sidenote: I'm very particular on my gadgets, and wash my hands before using them. I don't eat while playing so one can't blame potato chip dust for these issues.) I had to remember to unplug the joystick when I was finished, as more than once I'd come downstairs to see the XBOX had been on all night with no inputs. Twice, the joystick even powered down my console mid-play. It got to the point where the game became unplayable. I wrapped a rare-earth magnet around the (too short) USB cable, thinking maybe it was picking up EM interference from other devices nearby--even this proved fruitless. When playing, I'd switch the view to my on-screen avatar "pilot" to see his hand jiggling around the ship's control stick like a jack-hammer, even if I wasn't physically touching anything. Short of opening up the joystick to check the electronics and gimbaling system (which would void the return), I tried everything. Since its still new I knew it wouldn't get any better and decided to process a return. While it will feel like a huge downgrade going back to the standard controller, I know it works and my poor results are through pilot error versus a faulty control system. In all, I had less than 24 hours of actual game play with this device before the issues began.I think if the manufacturer released a newer, much more robust version of this stick based on other user inputs and loads of product testing, I'll be in line to buy it. This version went to market without enough QC and long-term user input. If you have one of these and it still works, count your blessings---but also realize anything minor won't get better.
For your first experience using a HOTAS (as you likely are as an xbox player) this is in fact a very good product. It's quite durable and very simple to learn. I have a short list of complaints though. There is no mic port so you're required to use a controller while the HOTAS is plugged in and if the controller isn't also plugged into the console the controller will time out and shut off causing you to lose chat. Second, there's not much length in the cable between the two platforms so it makes it rather difficult trying to set up a "cockpit" type build. Third, there's no resistance in the throttle so it's easy to over-do it. Fourth, the platforms are not very stable when separated so you're going to want to use Velcro adhesive strips to secure them to whatever surface you plan on using it on. Lastly, there's no feedback which kinda takes away from the simulator type experience.Good for a first product launch on the xbox, but there's definitely room for improvement and no reason Thrustmaster can't convert other models to console compatibility.
Fantastic flight stick, only reason it does not get 5 stars is the fact that the cable between the throttle and stick is too short. I had to order the HDMI connectors from Amazon and extend the cable myself.

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