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Race in style with this 7:10 replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel. The realistic wheel has a bungee cord mechanism that keeps constant resistance regardless of turning angle, and the adjustable wheel sensitivity makes it easy to control your favorite game without difficulty.

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We have had it for over a month. We have not had any issues what so ever except that it came with the usb cord and I had to go find and buy a usb breakway pc cord to plug into the xbox. I think it was supposed to come with it but I bought this unit used so it’s okay. I found the theee inch cord on amazon for like $12. If you’re looking for it search for EOP Zoll USB breakway PC Cable. I’ll add a screenshot of what it looks like.
My son has a great time pretending that he's in a real race
I’m 71 years old and have an XBox with a few games, and three grandchildren. I purchased an auto racing game and found that the regular controller works just OK. Thanks to all of the other Amazon reviewers who gave a thumbs up 👍 to this racing wheel. It ads so much fun, real racing action to the game ! My 6 year old granddaughter told me she was afraid to try it : within two minutes she was hooked and after two game sessions she is already a better driver than me 😀. Without a doubt this is the Best purchase I’ve made, easy to use (the 6 year old sets it up by herself), it’s a realistic driving unit with vibrating wheel and accelerator pedal. It’s A Five Star ⭐️ Recommendation.

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