Thomas Eakins: Scenes From Modern Life

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Narrated by Stage and Screen star Blythe Danner, this DVD contains the full documentary feature and an additional hour of mutli-media content and mini documentaries, Eakins’ Neighborhood; The Centennial Exhibition of 1876; The Unfinished Portrait; The Bregler Collection; and more. Punctuated by contemporary footage of the scenery displayed in his body of work. This program provides tremendous insight into the work and character of this American original is derived by inte… More >>

Thomas Eakins: Scenes From Modern Life

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  1. I knew of Thomas Eakins’ significance as a American artist of the late 19th Century, but that was all I knew. This incredibly sharp and clear (in more ways than visually) documentary gave me a lesson on this bold artist’s philosophy that opened my eyes. With the story being told by Blythe Danner in the background, one is drawn into the struggles of Eakins to reach above and beyond in his art.

    Because this was done with High Definition TV equipment, it seems all that more detailed on a standard TV in VHS. This production exceeded my expectations of what today is mostly background with a few snippets of the artist’s work. The pans and zooms of the work is just what is needed to elaborate the fine detail of Eakin’s pieces.

    There is a fine segment showing how Eakins put together one of his works with his use of photographs. This new technology is state of the art in his time and the documentary shows off Eakins’ brilliance and grasp of Photography and its promise. I highly reccommend this program.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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