Third Day Live in Concert – The Offerings Experience

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Third Day Live in Concert – The Offerings Experience

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  1. One of the best rock bands today in any category, Third Day has hit a home run with this DVD. Their music and lyrics are powerful and sincere. I just wish they would tour Colorado more often. Buy this one, you won’t be dissapointed!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. If your a Christian or a Thirdday fan you will fall in love with this DVD!! It feels like your right in the front row and will get you on your feet in no time! Hey it’s Thirdday what more can you ask for!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I was there at this concert in Atlanta and the DVD gives me the ability to relieve the AWESOME worship experience over and over again. Third Day has a great message behind each song and you will truly worship with this DVD. I give it an A++
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. hey if you love third days music you will love third days
    offerings dvd experience its lots of foddege and deleted seens
    and much more so you will enjoy this dvd as well as i did today
    be sure look amazon .com be cuse third day will reless another
    dvd calld third day com together it will be relessd april 1st
    2003 and downt for get third day will be playing a concert
    on may 10th at the arowhead pond of anahime ticket are 30dollers
    get the tickets at the pond thanks mike
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. This was filmed at the Hi-Fi Ampitheatre in Third Day’s home town of Atlanta, before a packed crowd. Overall, it is a wonderful rock, praise and worship concert dvd, that gives you a good feeling. It begins by showing the band getting ready for the show. The dvd contains some documentary elements in between the song performances. After performing their first few songs, there is documentary tour of their tour bus to let you know what it’s like living in a tour bus. Some highlights I noticed included the following: The performance of the song:”You’re Everywhere” is an excellent praise and worship song,and the band ends the performance with a prayer thanking Jesus for dying for us,so we can be saved, and praising Jesus for rising from the dead on the Third Day. This is followed by “King of Glory” which continues the praise and worship and includes a prayer by the band of respecting the Name of Jesus. The crowd joins in singing this song. During another documentary break, the band shows and describes their guitars. The performance of “Consuming Fire” contains excellent 3 guitar and bass guitar work. During “My Hope is in You” the band has the audience introduce themselves to each other and are instructed to love each other as Jesus has taught us. The band calls the audience the “Church of God”. The praise and worship songs continue, and there is another documentary break, where fans are interviewed as they arrive at the concert. The fans are full of excitement about the rock, praise and worship format of Third Day concerts, plus the fans are excited this concert is in Atlanta, the band’s home town. Towards the end of the concert, after the band performs “I have decided to follow Jesus”,

    the lead singer talks about how exciting it is when the Atlanta Braves win a baseball game. He then states it is exciting that Jesus has won and has defeated our enemy. He quotes some bible verses about following Christ, and leads the audience into singing the song “I have decided to follow Jesus” again. The band leaves the stage with the crowd singing this song. It leaves you with a good feeling. After the concert, the band shares information on the “World Vision” program about helping starving children throughout the world. Overall, this is a great concert dvd, it has some excellent guitar rock music along with a great gospel message.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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