The Wealth of Nations

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The Wealth of Nations
An Inquiry Into the History and Morality of Socialism and Capitalism
The cause of wealth and poverty…the effects of the Industrial Revolution on women and children…the definitions of socialism, capitalism and democracy…why thousands of people in the world die of hunger every day…which economic system is best for poor people…the conditions that may lead governments to commit mass murder…the morality of socialism and capitalism… More >>

The Wealth of Nations

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  1. Crennen uses facts to prove Capitalism is the only system in the world which provides its people with freedom along with the highest standard of living. Crennen also reveals the weakness of democracy proving it does not result in a free market society. Democracy is simply “mob rule” where the majority can enslave the minority. Democracy does not equate to individual freedom as the socialist would like us to believe. Crennen breaks the myths created by our leaders, which say that spreading Democracy around the world will set people free. A government which sticks to Capitalism as its system of rule will provide the most for its people–a system that protects individuals from the initiation of force by other people, other groups of people and by its own government. Individual freedom is an end in itself rather than a means to some other end. Kudos to Crennen!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. As a teacher, I bought this DVD is hopes of using it as an objective overview of the Capitalist & Socialist systems and the positive and negatives of each. Instead I got a barrage of how capitalism is perfect in every way and socialism is horrible in every way. The statistical comparisons are childlike in their simplicity and the bias toward the “magic of the market” is overwhelming (Only socialist nations commit genocide, according to the director…hmm, did we forget the European & US slaughter of Native Americans and all the capitalist thug dictators in Latin America & elsewhere – Somoza, Duvalier, Trujillo, Pinochet, Noriega to name just a few genocides committed by capitalists…what about South Africa, aren’t they capitalists?). Since it is basically worthless as an objective DVD for economics, I plan to use this DVD in a lesson regarding “bias” rather than for any actual academic content. If you want a completely one-sided “capitalism is great, socialism is the devil” this is the DVD for you. If you want objectivity, stay far, far away. Virtually worthless from an academic standpoint. Both capitalism and socialism have positives and negatives, but you won’t get that here. Save your money.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This film is very simplistic and reductionist in its unqualified support of capitalism and its unparallelled denigration of socialism. The film talks down to the audience, as if we were all in need of a grade-school primer on basic economic theory.

    I felt ripped-off by this film, as I was hoping for an intelligent, sophisticated, and insightful examination of the strengths and weaknesses of each of these economic systems. This film did not deliver.

    Just for the record, I am not some left-wing, anti-capitalist wing-nut out to deliver an ad hominem attack on the film maker. My problem is with the absurd oversimplifications contained within the film itself !!

    Forewarned is forearmed — move on to your next selection, and don’t look back.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. First of all, this DVD has very little to do with the book. It was not what I expected. The packaging and the DVD itself is very amateur as if done by two guys in their basement using consumer software over the course of a weekend. The DVD is a persuasive argument for the American political extreme right’s economic perspective, and is very Libertarian. The DVD is one step above a MS POWERPOINT product and is probably not worth the $20 and hardly qualifies as “film”. There are no interviews, just quotes. Constant narration over photographs, paintings, and text constitute the entire 40 minute DVD.

    Despite its drawbacks the DVD is thought provoking and discusses topics not often discussed in what passes for “discourse” in modern American politics. The presentation compares Reagan to Jefferson. The argument hinges heavily on the conclusions of Ayn Rand. Propaganda is used in a very subtle manner and does not overpower the presentation and is fairly limited to examples like the line “Governments and criminals are the only people who use force…” The presentation discusses the 10th Amendment. Very simple definitions to Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy are used. When discussing democracy the presentation is using a different image, connotation, value judgment, and (maybe even) definition then the people being quoted. Language is simple and clear through out the presentation, following the ideals presented by Orwell’s essays. The whole presentation has a junior high school educational film type feel to it.

    There were several images that caught my eye: a URL / website address painted on the Berlin Wall (the fall of the Wall predated NCSA MOSIAC by five or six years), the letters USAF on a B-17 bomber in WW2 (which ended four years before the creation of the United States Air Force), and a color pencil drawing of a flying wing aircraft with 1950’s design flying over an agricultural region gridded with teeming fields reminded me of early Soviet art.

    I gave it two stars for not being about the book and for its very cheap presentation. This content is more appropriate for the Digital Locker part of AMAZON.COM or to be downloaded from a website rather than sold as a DVD for $20. The reason I did not give it one star or no stars is because the ideas and discussion do have enough intellectual value to warrant a higher rating.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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