1. CONTENTS of “The Veil,” hosted by Boris Karloff (BK):

    VISION OF CRIME– A man’s vision of his brother’s murder becomes reality.

    Cast: BK/Robert Hardy/Jennifer Raine/Patrick Macnee/Betty Fairfax/Terence de Marney/Donald Lawton/Kendrick Huxham

    GIRL ON THE ROAD– Young man rescues a stranded female motorist. They have a drink in town. The girl flees in panic when the bartender phones “Morgan Debs” (BK).

    Cast: BK/Tod Andrews/Eve Brent/Jack Lomax/Kelly Thordsen/Rusty Lane/Pitt Herbert/Claudia Bryar

    FOOD ON THE TABLE– A returned-home sea captain (BK) plots his wife’s murder so he can marry a wealthy widow.

    Cast: BK/Kay Stewart/Tudor Owen/Russ Bender/Eleanor Lucky

    THE DOCTORS– While visiting his elderly physician father (BK) a young doctor tries to help a seriously ill patient, but the family wants the older man (who’s busy elsewhere) to operate.

    Cast: BK/Tony Travis/Argentina Brunetti/Elvira Curci/Ernest Sarracino/Bruno Della Santino/Domenick Delgarde/Inez Palange/Domenica Hauser/Lauren Perreau

    THE CRYSTAL BALL– A glass orb given a man by his ex reveals that she’s cheating on her new husband (the man’s boss).

    Cast: BK/Booth Colman/Roxanne Berard/Leo Penn/Albert Carrier

    GENESIS– Two sons of a dying farmer feud over his will until a message from beyond the grave directs them to the biblical story of Esau and Jacob.

    Cast: BK/Katherine Squire/Peter Miller/Lee Farr/Charles Meredith/Morris Ankrum/Thomas Browne Henry

    DESTINATION NIGHTMARE– While in a trancelike state, a pilot is directed to fly to a specific location; a crash is narrowly avoided when his co-pilot takes over.

    Cast: BK/Ron Haggerthy/Myron Healey/Roy Engel

    SUMMER HEAT– An apartment dweller sees and reports a robbery/murder in a nearby unit, but the police find the place is vacant.

    Cast: BK/Harry Bartell/Paul Bryar/Ray Montgomery/Gene Collins/Vicki Raaf/Gretchen Thomas/Connie Van/Robert Griffin

    THE RETURN OF MADAME VERNOY– A woman in India dies, leaving behind a husband and newborn. Her spirit is reincarnated a year later in a girl who remembers her past life; she eventually meets the widower and son.

    Cast: BK/Lee Torrance/Jean Del Val/Iphigenie Castiglioni/George Hamilton/Julius Johnson

    JACK THE RIPPER– A clairvoyant has visions of the Ripper crimes and thus becomes a prime suspect.

    Cast: BK/Niall MacGinnis/Dorothy Alison/Robert Brown/Mae Bacon/Clifford Evans/Robert Brooks Turner/Nora Swinburne/Charles Carson

    Fans of vintage supernatural TV shows will also enjoy VERY BEST OF ONE STEP BEYOND, hosted by John Newland.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Anything with Mr. Karloff (it should be Sir Boris from the UK) is wonderful. This series that never materalized on TV except in Made for Movie TV is a fine prequel to the series coming, Thriller. Buy it, good shows and good price.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. The Platinum dvd (2-disc set) featuring all 10 Hal Roach produced episodes is by all standards the ONE to get!

    Beautiful, crystal sharp b&w episodes!!! No scratches, no audio hiss, no murky visuals…this is an exceptional bargain, if not the best bargain out there for lost tv episodes (the series was never released to commercial tv). Production, script and acting top-notch, totally enjoyable. Shot on film and not on video tape. Too bad those involved just couldn’t get it going as the series has all the marks of being a true winner…a couple of the stories have left lingering impressions a year after viewed!!! I can’t praise this set enough!!! Please buy and enjoy, especially if a fan of TWILIGHT ZONE, ONE STEP BEYOND, etc.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Fans of the television series “One Step Beyond” and “The Twilight Zone” will most likely enjoy this collection of 10 episodes that, unfortunately, never aired, at least as intended as a weekly half-hour anthology series. This was due to financial problems of the production company. Later, episodes were edited together to create a “movie” that was syndicated to local television stations. Boris Karloff introduces and closes each episode and appears in nine of the ten episodes in varied roles, which showcase his acting skills to a greater extent than many of his horror film roles.

    Reflecting its “public domain” status, there have been several releases of “The Veil” on DVD from Something Weird (Image) and Madacy, and Brentwood Communications included all 10 episodes as a bonus on one of its multi-pack horror DVD collections. This collection, from Platinum Disc Corporation, is the least expensive offering so far, but that shouldn’t put off anyone who has an interest in seeing the series. Simply put, the visual quality of the episodes is excellent; in terms of its classic TV offerings, “The Veil” is arguably Platinum Disc Corporation’s best looking release. That said, it’s not perfect . . . as is the case with their other classic TV releases, the Platinum logo appears at the bottom right-hand corner occasionally and there are absolutely no extras, not even a Karloff biography.

    The bottom line is that “The Veil” is an enjoyable anthology of stories of the paranormal that will appeal to fans of that genre, as well as Boris Karloff fans.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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