The Road Warrior

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  • World War III has just ended and the world’s remaining inhabitants are on a desperate, devastating, struggle to survive. Gasoline is in short supply and those remaining – turn on one another for the crude oil.Running Time: 95 min. Format: BLU-RAY DISC Genre: SCI-FI/FANTASY Rating: R Age: 085391142607 UPC: 085391142607 Manufacturer No: 114260

World War III has just ended and the world’s remaining inhabitants are on a desperate, devastating, struggle to survive. Gasoline is in short supply and those remaining, turn on one another for the crude essential video
A strong candidate for the designation of most thrilling action movie ever made (the turbo-charged exhilaration of its full-throttle highway chases has never been equaled), the second part of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic trilogy … More >>

The Road Warrior

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  1. There no question this movie was a good one during the ’80’s period, but sadly its not during are present time of 2006. As I was watching it, it seem to be to simplely made as a movie, and I guess at this time CG graphics were not widely used. That can be a good thing and bad thing. Some of the stunts in the movie were ok. I’m sure if they remade this movie again, it would be a well rounded movie. If you like these kinds of movie, go ahead and add this one to your collection, if not, I suggest renting this one…

    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I purchased THE ROAD WARRIOR from Amazon over a month ago, at the end of February, and have STILL NOT RECEIVED IT!!!! What the hell is going on with it? Numerous e-mails I’ve sent have gone unanswered… this is beyond ridiculous… don’t even know what to do about this anymore…
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I was delighted when i saw this movie available in HD and i rushed to buy it.Yes the madmax “icon” is still alive since 1982 but the movie has difficult to live well today.

    The good news is about the picture quality which is very good withy no grain.

    Despite what you may think about typical Mad Max actions scenes the movie is boring for 2 reasons

    a) there is nearly no dialog and instead of this there is a permanent horrible music with trumpets and brass instruments who try to give the rythm in the movie.This kills everything.

    b) the audio is realy under average. don’t expect to hear the engines roaring and the explosion to blow yr living room.

    So my opinion is at least rent it before to buy it

    In the opposite and maybe in the same category “Waterworld” in HD DVd is something totaling amazing at all levels.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Hard to get involved in a non-story with an indifferent lead. It’s basically two hours of car crashes and killing with the production designer as star. Fair dinkums, sport. It’s looks pretty dapper on the PC while you’re strangling a Croc, or whatever kids do nowadays after school. The message is that when society breaks down human beings will do nothing but kill each other. I think that’s a vicious slur on humanity. We torture people first and then we kill them. Actually, they do that it in this film, as well. Bang goes the review.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Sadly this movie has not stood the test of time. It looked okay in 1982 when it was first released but it is unintentionally a funny movie now. In this film we see Mel Gibson as Max “A Burned Out Shell Of A Man “(cliche ) who stumbles across a petrol refinery. The editing in this film is a joke and Max ‘s car gets totalled which all happens in about 3 seconds. You see the car on the road then it flips over about 3 times. This does not even happen to me after too many glasses of Chivas Regal Scotch .The only good reason to watch this film is to see the beautiful ex model turned succesful actress Virginia Hey who went on the much better things in the hit series “Farscape” .
    Rating: 5 / 5

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