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The Road Movie Trailer Once the target of numerous on again, off again, release date changes, The Road looks to finally be getting an actual release date. Featuring a spectacular cast, including Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pierce and Charlize Theron, it may have been a long time coming, but will it be worth the wait? Father and son are off in search of civilization in this post-apocalyptic thriller, and what they find along their road will be anything but after an unknown catastrophe reduces …

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  1. A sick movie all the way! up to the last 10 or so minutes… When it just got totally let down! I wish they had chose a better ending to finish off the movie the right way! 8 / 10.. watch at (M O V I E S P A C E) . (U S)

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    asobermindisawasted1 January 22, 2010 at 1:55 am

    No worries, I’m the same way; it’s a sure way of feeling fulfilled.

  3. you’re right. I guess I like to analyze and break everything down and learn everything.

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    asobermindisawasted1 January 22, 2010 at 3:30 am

    It doesn’t really matter, since that is not the focus of the film. But, if you still want to speculate, I would guess either reason is a good logical explanation.

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  7. was good book look forward to seeing the movie

  8. 10/10 excellent – Definitely worth a watch, no question! watch it in decent quality at: M O V I E S E E K E R , US

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  10. what caused the catastrophe? asteroid impact? yellowstone supervolcanoe erupting?

  11. No not really, there’s just debris everywhere in the movie, all over the place

  12. This movie was disturbing. If the world were to end up like this movie…well… fuck

    That would be sad.

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  14. it was a boring movie!
    would not recommend….

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  16. But they’re cannibal rednecks!

  17. It’s never explained. He just talks about how the sun was blotted out, fires started and there’s no food out there

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  20. Have not seen the film yet, but read book. In the book he only talks about some terrible burning of the cities, with people being burned alive on the spot, in their cars etc… with a tremendous amounts of ash as a result. It doesn’t sound like ecological disaster, but some kind of direct attack. Has the film slanted things in the direction of current worries over climate change, rising temperatures etc..?

  21. LOL 2:43 I bet he wished he could’ve done that in LOTR

  22. This movie makes me think alot. You know this could happen in our lifetime. Movie was awsome, i dont know why it didnt get a wide release.

  23. this world it look so much like the Fallout 3 and everything within

  24. Bimbo.

  25. great trailer, AMAZING BOOK

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