The Rites of Magick

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Producer’s Review: THE RITES OF MAGICK The Rites of Magick is a feature length (90 minute) dramatic documentary on the rites, ceremonies and meditative practices of America’s oldest continually operating Magical tradition: The Order of the Temple of Astarte in Southern California. The O.T.A. is the religious-fraternal order of The Church of the Hermetic Sciences incorporated in 1971. This production was filmed and video-recorded in temples, outdoor henges, and retreats… More >>

The Rites of Magick

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  1. Im writing this review after watching this video as im hoping Frater Thabion who reviews books and DVD’s on amazon also reads this.

    I enjoyed The previous two dvd’s as they tended to focus on one specific system of magick, this dvd just tended to focus around different things with no real concept of being useful in magick. The Enochian Watchtowers for instance was although grand and nice to look at, didn’t prove useful at all.

    Enochian magick is hard at best to understand, the Ameth, tables, how they inter link, the calls and so fourth which make this a working system of magick was left out of the equation. The newbie watches the Enochian watchtowers performed then says to himself, what next, scratching his head.

    Because Enochian is so complex and hard to put together so it is workable it would of been better to focus all your attention on that system of magick. It is simply far more useful for students of Enoch, Goetia to fully grasp every aspect of each system as best as possible within the time frame.

    I would estimate that 90 per cent of Enochian people who read books on this do not understand the system completely in how it is explained, linked, in books. Or it is confusing or time consuming, time consuming is exactly what it is.

    I don’t see how showing a Yoga working, pathworking which anyone would know is often down to a form of scrying, meditation so fourth. I also wouldn’t class it as a rite of magick in that sense of the word, you are exploring your inner consciousness.

    I would say with extreme confidence that if they created a dvd explaining how you view and use Enochian magick it would sell thousands of copies. Include all the tables, Sigil Dei Ameth chart, how the numbers relate to Clockwise, counter clockwise on the chart. Explain how each chart fits into another, how the angels relate horizontally within table 1, 2 and so fourth.

    Also after watching both of the former DVD’s it mentioned how they created and bought demons to physical appearance through a scrying mirror laid in the triangle. This is excellent, however it was mentioned on both DVD’s which took up almost 30 minutes of viewing. This could of been summed up in 2 minutes leaving more information to the viewer on other aspects of Goetia which you could of been included. I sat there and thought will you get on with it.

    I also had a little peeve with your views on Goetia in relation to self harm through negative magick. This is complete rubbish, although practical to a newbie to magick.

    Think of a negative act of magick as a grenade sitting in your hand, if you don’t let go you blow yourself up, letting go means exactly that. Non dwelling on the outcome tying yourself to the curse you thrown at an enemy or target. Out of conscious thought where possible, constructed in a way which doesn’t tie you to it. Sometimes the things we want the most are the hardest to achieve mainly as it is not put out of conscious thought enough to materialise them. People dwell, lust, crave results after the working, then ask themselves why it fails to come to pass. Fire and forget as they say.

    Perhaps a DVD on Esoteric Kabblah should also be done, another complex metamorphosis type creation which people, myself included find hard to understand and work with because of that.

    Iv watched over ten Kabbalah DVD’s from this site, read books, as yet I still have not grasped it, viewing it is like having a personal mentor one on one.

    When is someone going to make a fortune from creating a decent Kabbalah or Enochian video, I would do it myself if I was knowledgeable enough on both? A fortune to be made, useful as well.

    I didn’t find this DVD useful to be honest and 30 minutes between the other two dvd’s on scrying and how you creating this method is shocking. A waste of time, although to your credit it is useful in Goetia from using this method.

    Less hyping your creation and more information that is useful for practitioners who use Enochian and Goetia weekly, or wish to use it weekly. For someone who watched this having no knowledge of Enochian would find the watchtowers just plain useless until they further there knowledge of it. Same as the 2 minutes or so in relation to the kabbalah.

    Although im glad this video’s are in circulation, I just wish they would explain in more detail aspects of systems instead of bits and pieces which offer nothing really useful. The Golden Dawn opening before all Goetia rituals was useful but they failed to show a banishing at the end even though they stated it was a must in all Goetia operations. People are going to replicate this environment so it should of been included in my opinion.

    93 93/93

    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Poke has given the feeling and drama of very ancient rites in this DVD. This is an excellent introduction to the various forms of magick that are practiced at the temple. I am not with the OTO but believe Poke to be a divinely inspired individual demonstrating these teachings to all who will listen and learn.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This is real magic come down through the ages. Poke Runyon parts the veil and allows the acolyte or seasoned practitioner to peer into acutal temple workings. Usually not seen by the general public, this DVD contains magic and ritual in the purest form available today. Great production value. It tantalizes and teaches using all the senses.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Haven’t heard of Poke Runyon before? or O.T.A? Well, then you can’t claim being an occultist.

    I have been studying occult for years and read hundreds of books about the subject..Let me say we are so lucky to have his books and videos.If you haven’t understand me let me say…when you read his books and watch videos , you’ll realize something immediately.This guy knows what he’s doing! He is an expert of the subject and you don’t need to be clairvoyant to realize this..

    Every serious occult practitioner should get this DVD (Along with the “Dark Mirror of Magick” and “The Magick of Solomon)

    Not for fluffy-bunnies…
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Material presented is refreshingly well researched and original. It’s without confusing jargon, and illustrates and depicts pathworkings, their theory and history, to please the neophyte and seasoned practitioner equally. This is an excellent and professional DVD that combines theory and practice in an illuminating manner.

    Nancy Poss-Hatchl
    Rating: 5 / 5

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