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  2. I agree with others here who have requested that THE RIFLEMAN be afforded the quality release of a “season by season” in order of broadcast. Pristine quality video and audio is necessary to us who love this show, as well as completely uncut episodes with original opening and closing credits for each episode. There should also be audio commentary tracks on episodes as possible by any of the original cast (Johnny Crawford who plays Mark McCain would be the best if he could do this).

    Any available additional extras would be most enjoyed.

    This show is currently broadcast on the “Encore Westerns” channel and the source material appears to be in perfect condition so I know whoever owns the rights to this show has the best source prints to make this happen for us fans.

    So, please, if you’re a fan of THE RIFLEMAN, and would love to own this show on DVD in it’s entirety, please voice your opinion here so that one day (hopefully soon) we may be able to enjoy this show again and leave generations this treasure that today’s television could never come close to replacing.

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  3. I am happy to have a selection of “Rifleman” television episodes available for purchase, make no mistake about it. It is my personal favorite classic television western, and I am a very devoted to the series. I grew up watching it during my pre-school years, and have remained a fan ever since. But the current DVD offerings simply do not do justice to the legacy of that show.

    What is needed is a COMPLETE, unedited season-by-season collection of “The Rifleman” series. And by complete, I mean the episodes MUST include the origial introductions (there were four variations that were used during the course of the series), original TV trailers, and perhaps commentary by Johnny Crawford, Patricia Blair, etc. The current DVD offerings simply are not true to the originality and flavor of the series in this regard.

    Moreover, the current selections seem to be based upon guest star quality. Some of the very best “Rifleman” episodes did not necessarily feature big-name guest stars, but were superb simply because of good writing and strong characterizations from some rather obscure guest stars, as well as the regular cast.

    So many fine, classic television series are now being released in their entirety on DVD today. Is it not time that “The Rifleman” was afforded this same level of respect and importance? Countless fans would love for this to become a reality.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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