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The impressively muscular chest of Tom Jane is the focal point of The Punisher, a movie based on a Marvel Comics superhero. Frank Castle (Jane, Deep Blue Sea) retires from the FBI, which means–as any moviegoer expects–that his family is toast. Howard Saint (John Travolta, Face/Off), a shady Florida businessman whose son was killed in Castle’s last mission, orders a hit not only on Castle’s wife and child, but also on his parents an… More >>

The Punisher

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  1. I just rented this movie recently (Thank God that I didn’t go to the theatres)and it absolutely never seizes to amaze me that movies like this and I,ROBOT get made. Who in the hell greenlights this schlock. A previous review says this is a gritty movie. Are you serious? David Fincher – Seven. Now that’s a gritty movie. Matter of fact, I just read they are doing a sequel to The Punisher (God help us all) Why not get someone like Fincher or maybe even Robert Rodriguez in on it. That I would like to see. There was so much wrong with this movie I can’t even begin: Tampa, Fl? The Punisher has roomates? Attack of the Big Gay Russian? and just the fact that they mowed down his family – HIS ENTIRE FAMILY! You lose your relationship to the movie and characters when you do something like that. When you have a scene that’s like a human slaughterhouse, you become desensitized and feel no passion for why the hero is going after the bad guy. One last thing – the soundtrack was also horrible. It reminded me of some spoof like Airplane! where they exaggerate all the lines of bad news with a BUM BUM BAH! If you would like to see a good “Punisher” movie rent or buy (I own it) Desperado from Robert Rodriguez. Otherwise, this piece of horse manure is not even worth a rental.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. To you, who wrote that The Punisher (2004) will be the first Marvel Comic-Film that will bomb, I have a few questions for you:
    Have you seen The Hulk (2003)? Have you watched Daredevil (2003)? Have you watched Spiderman (2002)? Have you watched Blade 2 (2002)? Have you watched The League of Extraordinary Gentelmen (2003)?
    If not, then go watch them all and then realise that The Punisher (2004) will be the LEAST of your worries.

    And to Jen, I believe in everything you said except that… The Punisher is your favourite hero?
    I’ve news for you: he’s not a hero. He never has been a hero. He may work as an idol, but not a hero. See, he’s an anti-hero.
    Anti-heroes are known for doing things their way (much like The Punisher) and outside of the law (those are vigilanties).
    Anti-heros include Lobo, Ash (from the Evil Dead series), and Batman.
    Everything they do is illegal. Everything they do is destructive. But everything they do is for their own personal benefit and what they wish to benefit from are good-intented turning-of-the-tables.
    They are the favourites because they ARE NOT heroes. They don’t care for standards and living conditions as long as they are happy. What makes us happy about them? They do everything in a cool way.
    If an anti-hero is forgiven by the authorities, then that’s just Hollywood for yah.

    This new version of The Punisher has not yet entered theatres anywhere (in the world) ao no one (including myself) can critisize it. But it does look bad.
    The original adaptation, the one that was more truthful than this new one, was not a GOOD movie, but not a bad adaptation of the comics.
    It was dark, it was violent, it had the vigilante living underground and mourning his family, it had the vigilante without a job and AVOIDING the police, and it had a violent Hollywood confrontional ending which was suitable.

    This new version is very colourful, it contains a man NOT BIG ENOUGH to portray The Punisher, and it will definitely be a big Hollywood action film.
    I saw the trailers, I can tell.

    That is all.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I’m in Tampa, where they filmed the new Punisher movie. It’s going to (…). You know why? It’s filmed and takes place in Tampa! And Mr. John “Washed-up and can’t read a gosh darn good script to save my Scientologist behind yet make $20 million dollars a movie and oh yeah thank you Quentin I’m lucky Pulp Fiction saved me from a life of being remembered as Disco God now where’s John Woo at?” Travolta is in it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Sorry, movie not out yet but I had to be the first to write a review. Due to the popularity and pure kick-assedness of comic book movies now-a-days The Punisher will surly own you all. You will all succum to the punisher…
    Actually the trailer is out now and that would also get five stars. And the buzz for this flick is that the main character is being played be John Travolta?!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Anyone who is a true Punisher fan I believe will not be satisfied with the movie and most likely HATE it. Anyone who is totally unfamiliar with the character or the comics (much like the film makers) will get some enjoyment out of it however. The following are reasons why this film should not have been labeled a Punisher film.

    1. Frank Castle was a marine not an undercover CIA agent…

    2. His family was murdered in New York City while on a picnic in Central Park NOT in Puerto Rico which I believe is where this was supposed to of happened.

    3. In the comics it’s just his wife and kids who are murdered in Central Park…in the film it’s his ENTIRE family at a family reunion…relatives and friends…brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, cousins, nephews, brother and sister. Watching everyone get shot up by these criminals was way more comical then shocking as well…It made me laugh for about 30 minutes straight. The whole scene reminded me of a mix between the first Mad Max and the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the knight runs into the castle and just starts slaying everybody…men, women, children, chickens…everything!

    4. The Punisher is from New York City, NY just like every other marvel character and not Tampa, FL…The movie should’ve taken place in the proper state.

    The only thing that was consistent about this film and the comic books it is based off of are the following:

    1. His name is still Frank Castle;

    2. The Russian Character sent to assassinate Frank Castle…However the way the Russian is killed is completely different then in the movie;

    3. The three individuals living in his apartment building.

    The most ridiculous part in the movie (and the last straw for me) was when Frank Castle shows up at the police conference and questions the police for not bringing his family’s killer’s to justice and then letting them know he has taken justice into his own hands and that he is the punisher. To quote the police officer “Frank you’re alive!” and the police just let him walk away without even questioning him …Frank had been on a constant killing spree, why in the hell would he show up there when he is wanted for murder? In the comics Frank was always running and hiding from the law and in no way would he show up outside of a police station and make a speech. Also after doing so everyone in the entire city knows that Frank Castle is the Punisher and they all know where he lives and what apartment number… This is just a MAJOR flaw in the script due to the fact that he is wanted by the police for multiple murders and he is wanted by the organized crime ring for the murders of it’s members… Put it this way, if a group of gang members wanted you dead by any means necessary and knew exactly where you lived, would you just stay there until they showed up knocking on your door? Of course not, you’d get the hell out of town. Overall this film has nothing to do with the comic books other then the fact it’s a guy out for revenge. Since this is the case they should’ve renamed the recent Denzel Washington movie “Man on Fire” to “The Punisher”…At least in that movie Denzel Washington is as ruthless as Frank Castle is in the comics unlike Thomas Jane who when interviewed openly stated he never read a Punisher comic book and didn’t know much about the character. Even though the original film was really low budget I’d much rather see that version then this one anyday. A total disaster of a comic book icon…
    Rating: 2 / 5

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