The Passion of the Christ

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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 02/17/2009 Run time: 127 minutes Rating:
After all the controversy and rigorous debate has subsided, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ will remain a force to be reckoned with. In the final analysis, “Gibson’s Folly” is an act of personal bravery and commitment on the part of its director, who self-financed this $25-30 million production to preserve his artistic goal of creating the Passion of Christ (“Passio… More >>

The Passion of the Christ

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  1. Most Americans like to pretend that there is a God. The God that most Americans like to pretend exists is Jesus. This movie was made for emotionally troubled people. This movie with its extreme violence and fantasy of Jesus will help cover-up their emotional problems.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I am a christian. I will tell you that first thing. BUT. I think this “Special Edition” Passion is nothing but garbage. Why? read on…and be open minded, because i’m not a idiot, I know what i’m talking about.

    So couple years back, The Passion came out, it was probably as controversial as Borat was in 06. I saw it in theaters. Like many of us, I cried. But as time went by…the world started noticing something…Mel Gibson is a nut. He isnt you say? Oh, well then i guess its ok to pass out drunkn and naked on your bed and have your son come find you…and then after that…release another version of, the passion.

    THAT LAST LINE SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING RIGHT THERE PEOPLE. Mel said in the beginning he made this movie to witness to people. The only reason anyone releases another version of the same movie, is for money, NOTHING ELSE. So maybe it has better behind the scenes, interviews, maybe a uncut version im not sure, but i will tell you this, Are you buying it for what his movie stands for? (Jesus) or because of a bonus disc? The media is nothingbut a trap, you fall in it, and then realize, your caught and can’t get out. The Passion was supposed to be a touching movie. Now, its just another piece of entertanment that is getting more money from people that dont understand.

    Now, im not going to get religious on you, but what do you thnk Jesus thinks of this? seriouslly, think about it…think hard. Now if your gonna say, “Jesus is happy about it because more people will come to him now”. NO, you couldnt be anymore wrong. Jesus is probably very upset. Know why? cuz re’releasing this movie, is doing nothing but making money of Jesus dying. Mel doesn’t care about how it may effect people spiritually, he is just doing what people do in that bussiness, and if you know any better, you will realize it, and steer away from this. I can already tell you, alot of people will read this and hate it, but deep down…you know what’s right, are gonna support a guy thats just wants to basiclly steal from you? or will you just read your Bible, and know everything you need to know without wasting $20 bucks?
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Mind you, I honestly appreciate the sacrifice of any person who dies for another, let alone someone willing to take on the sins of all mankind. Good heavens, that’s where your karma has run over your dogma! But in this case there is such a lurid depiction of the gore of the Passion, and trust me, it is relentless, that it has all the prurient seediness of pornography.
    Cavaziel is the latest in a long line of handsome Jesus’s. And the actor’s curse will no doubt follow him as well: no actor ever recovers his career after portraying the Big Guy. It just finishes you. “That’s your career up there, mate. Can’t you read the inscription?” He is almost as handsome as Robert Powell, not as twitchy as Willem Dafoe, and he gets the living flesh ripped off him. Monica Belluci is beautiful as Mary Magdelene, and quite seriously terrific in this as is the Jewish actress who plays Mary, His mother. Certainly the human tragedy here is so well done that you can’t help but wonder what kind of film this might have been if Gibson weren’t half as crazy as his old man. The obsessional fetishization of the violence smacks of the sadomachistic dellusions of a crack addict.
    There’s an old Bruce Cockburn tune that has a very memorable line in it: “When do we hear about forgiveness and love.” It was a great song about the prosylitizing fanaticism of the Christian Fundamentalists, and coincides well with his observation that if we are going to rid the world of “isms” perhaps we should start with “Fundamentalism of whatever stripe.” In advertently, that is what I got out of this total gross out. There ain’t no fun in Fundamentalism.
    If you’re the kind of person who gets some adrenalin fueled rush out of watching an accident or snuff flicks, this is the Jesus movie for you. I got thrown out of the preview for whistling “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life,” but, you know what, I got more of Jesus’ message in LIFE OF BRIAN than in this lurid carnage. Beautifully shot, you’ll see flesh rip off and fly through the air trailing bits of plasma and mucuous, while nails spurt blood and thorns slice raggedly across temples, filling eye sockets with brain fluid and blood. Whatever the Poor Son gave His life for, the Sorrow and the Pity is that some half crazed Aussie-Yank huckster now seeks to make a few bucks off it. Oh yeah, I forgot, there were guys playing lots for His clothes even then. HE must have known!
    If you want to know what Jesus Christ means, check out BRIAN or read Teilhard de Chardin’s “Mass Upon The World.” That’s the message. This is porno without the naughty nudge-nudge, say no more.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. As an atheist, I was able to steer clear of the spiritial mumbo jumbo and see this story purely as the human tragedy that it was. Jesus was a victim of bigotry and intollerance, just as Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, and Martin Luther King, Jr. were, and this unflinching portrayal of man’s inhumanity towards man shows that in spades. It’s enough to make you want to believe in fairy tales — but we all know how distructive that can be. Don’t we?
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Usually when there is such a media blitzkrieg behind a movie it means there isn’t much to the movie. Such is the case here. I’ve seen the movie and simply put, it plays like “Lethal Weapon” with robes and sandals. I respect what Mr.Gibson tried to do here, but truthfully, he stepped way over the line with the gore and violence. And the movie lost 3 stars with me because of it. His subject matter should not have had buckets of blood dumped on it, it deserved more respectful treatment. And as for the media, the target audience for this film is adults. It’s in theaters now, we get it. If we want tickets, we’ll get those too. Enough is enough. Find something else to talk about every 30 seconds, Please!!
    Rating: 2 / 5

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