The Lizzie McGuire Show Boxed Set – Volume One

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Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 11/23/2004 Run time: 495 minutes… More >>

The Lizzie McGuire Show Boxed Set – Volume One

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  1. This show is so horrible, it makes me want to vomit beavers. The cast members can’t act and everything they say is horribly exaggerated. The storylines are stupid. This series also gives off a horrible teenage stereotype, with every single boy and girl in the show being preppy, goody-goody two shoe characters. The humor is so low. “OMG lizzie banged into a locker hahahaha!” People say it’s wholesome, family-oriented television; however it’s really a worthless show that drives me insane. If I had a family member that acted like Lizzie, I think I’d jump off a cliff. As a matter of fact, the entire Disney Channel is like a huuuuge pimple. Everybody I know wants it off.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I can safely assume that most of the reviewers of this product are kids who probably haven’t even had their voices change yet and find this Greek tragedy of a show to be a delightful find because, supposedly, “no one understands you” and this show somehow captures the mystery that is you by stuffing it with tired stereotypes and the people who had the gall to tack on a statement that states: “Real kids just like you.”

    “Lizzie McGuire” is basically about the mishaps and everyday encounters with the good, the bad, and the ugly while living with her perfect little suburbanite family and having 2 best friends by her side (and ONLY two friends.) For some reason or another, people find this show to come dangerously close to the gritty realism that is adolescence simply because they mention puberty a couple of times in the show. However, no premise can be complete without the arch-nemesis, the opposite of Lizzie’s own supposed sublime and sweet personality: another blonde, this one taller, by the name of Kate, who takes sick pleasure in ridiculing Lizzie with stupid insults, laughable (in the bad way) put downs, and occasional flaunts of her popularity in Lizzie’s face. In reality, this is probably not would happen should you attend an average middle school. In truth, there is no one definite popular girl that resides over the rest, and they would also be much too lazy to make fun of you, they have better things to do, like check their makeup or talk about their next prey (guys) to tackle and pounce on.

    Oh, but wait, we can’t have a show about teenagers without that poetic fantasy known as love… or something like it. Like in countless clones predecessing “Lizzie McGuire,” the school heartthrob is, once again, a clueless idiot with his head in the clouds and yet somehow managed to matriculate grade school. But does that matter to the fawning girls? No! His good looks are enough to stabilize inner fantasies to be his girlfriend and hopefully, wife and doormat.

    Lizzie’s best friends are Miranda and Gordo. Miranda (Lalaine) is a Lizzie clone, save for the blondness and slightly edged with more attitude and strength. The character is also badly acted–Lalaine seems to try too hard by emphasizing her lines with too much intensity or something. Gordo (Adam Lamburg) is the guy (because the writers had to stuff one somewhere) who has an unfortunate name; if you know Spanish, you know what I’m talking about. He is a bit more of a welcoming face but again, the writers seem to think to only make it fair to level out the ditziness of Lizzie and Miranda with Gordo’s witty intelligence. Also, why is there always a trio? What’s the obsession with threes?

    Lizzie’s family is a painful stereotype. The father is another clueless family man who means well, the mother is the overbearing woman in charge of everything, and the brother is a trouble-making annoying goof. How many times has this picture been painted, and why is it continually being portrayed when we’re all aware that we only know, perhaps, 2 people in real life with a family like that? It also endorses some sort of reference to 1950’s sexual politics: Daddy is the breadwinner while Mommy stays home and tends to the kids and house. It’s almost laughable.

    Hilary Duff herself is just a bad actress. The occasional upset faces she puts on are hilariously phony and just overall… blah. Somehow she got lucky with the show and America loves little teenager blondes (the Olsen twins) so she seemingly decides to use that popularity to start a singing career and a whole bunch of other stuff. But then again, its probably wise on her part to do so. She should invest on the moment as much as she can before her 15 minutes are up and she becomes another former child star burnout.

    Overall, this show is just bad. The stories, the situations, its just too bland and about as deep as a wad of spit. The characters aren’t that well-rounded, they have only a few defining traits. It doesn’t even try to tap into the huge well that is growing up–there’s really no angst, there’s no emotional complexities, there’s no moodiness. I’m not saying turn it into a “Dawson’s Creek” – this could be a good show if they incorporate some of the aforementioned into it while still retaining humor (GOOD humor would be nice) and even playful satire. But its not, the writers thought they obviously knew what to say when they decided to shape out another blonde cut-out with her thoughts revealed to the whole world (and thats just the good thoughts, oh no don’t say the dirty stuff we all know girls think too). I give this sham 2 stars because while its painful to view, the unrealistically glammed-up characters manage to mercifully ward you away from whats going on by making you think, “Ooh, I like her blouse, where can I get that?”
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. Hilary Duff is annoying. She has a squeaky voice that hurts my ears. Robert Carradine IS NOT FUNNY at all and by the way, one of his jokes INSULTED me! Lizzie’s(Hilary Duff)family go to a cowboy thing, at the end there are people having a western show and lizzie’s family sat down, during the show, you know the bloopers ate the end! Robert says somethin’ like, “This sure not for kids and….” Then Hallie makes a funny sound and then rob and hallie start laughing, so, what do watch this show for? I watch it for Hallie Todd! Matt McGuire is funny as well.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I’m not ashamed to admit that I own this set and watch it all the time, even though I am 49 years old! The biggest love of my life is the beautiful Olsen twins but Hilary comes very close to this ideal. Maybe if she had an identical twin…. Her show takes me back to the safe, happy time of my own childhood and all those thousands of hours I spent before the old Magnavox TV when I used to gaze lovingly at the feisty young Patty Duke and pretend I was part of her wonderful world of cheerful family life. Hilary is sooooooooo talented!!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I love Lizzie McGuire is amazing i don’t indertand because the tv show end!

    But it’s ok!

    Hilary is so beautiful and all the others artists are great!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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