The Little Rascals Collector’s Edition-6 Disc Boxed Set-48 Classic Episodes

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  • 6 Disc Boxed Set
  • 48 classic episodes

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For the first on home video, these exception short films look exactly as they did decades ago when they sent Saturday matinee audiences into fits of laughter.

Spanky, Buckwheat, Alfalfa, Stymie, Darla and the rest of the Little Rascals are back – and better than ever – In this collection of remastered, unedited, original films, some which haven’t been seen in over 50 years!
Included in this collection are the following 48 episodes:

Disc 1

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The Little Rascals Collector’s Edition-6 Disc Boxed Set-48 Classic Episodes

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  1. This boxed set of these old Our Gang episodes is a treasure in a sense that it showcases a different America. An America that was for all intent and purposes:politically incorrect. While looking on Wikipedia, one can see how a great deal of these episodes are recorded as in the “Notes/Content edits for television section: prints edited due to racial humor involving African-Americans and Asian Americans.” These episodes don’t jive with todays watered down and somewhat effeminate society. I have some black friends and they would dismiss the themes in these short films as childish fun and foolishness as folks should have a thicker skin plus not concentrate on the outer differences of people, but, the character of the person on the inside.

    That’s what God looks at, as shown in His Bible.

    I gave this boxed set a 4 star rating because of the labeling of the DVDs are a little flimsy as that the labels aren’t as robust as they should be. The Little Rascals taught me this: our drive by media has villianized what was considered just play that was understood by BOTH parties involved. Also shown in its full truth is what concerns that supposed dreaded killer “PITBULL” a.k.a. the American Staffordshire Terrier. I never ever heard of Petey/Pete the Pup ripping Buckwheat to shreds and crippling him for life or attacking Spanky that lead to his serious injury and/or death. The truth that was demonstarted is that these dogs are good dogs and it’s bad owners that make bad dogs. Little Rascals shows these creatures in a positive light, where they rightfully belong.

    Again, these short films showed a more innocent America (good old days) as opposed to now (bad new days) where every move is scrutinized for the potential bad in a person i.e. the only good folks to the police are their fellow officers and family members; the rest of the world is full of potential perpetrators/perps and lawbreakers. I consider the Little Rascals good wholesome entertainment by responsible parents that can help their child to discern what is right and wrong plus the person that enjoys the nostalgia of a different and simpler time in America.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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