The Hurt Locker Movie Trailer

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The Hurt Locker Movie Trailer Can it be? An Iraq War drama worth talking about? The buzz is building up around The Hurt Locker. When members of a bomb-disposal team in the midst of the Iraq War find themselves drawn into the midst of urban warfare by their new sergeant when they’re supposed to be going home soon, what will happen to their unit? Check out the explosive trailer! Will The Hurt Locker be everything we can hope for, or just a massive misfire? Hit the comments section and tell us what’s on your mind. Thanks for watching! The Hurt Locker movie trailer is provided by Summit Entertainment.

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  5. holy shit man r u a sapper? good bless u for what you do

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  8. the best way to defuse a bomb is blowing it up like i did in and rural part of Afghanistan yesterday. if we find a bomb on patrol and nobody is near by to defuse it. we evac civilians and throw a grenade. we don’t the the red wire blue wire shit.

  9. damn,looks like some real war,going on,no comment.

  10. This was realised in only a few cinemas in Ireland but I got to see it and it was WELL worth it!

    Anyone interested in combat should read Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s book; On Killing.

  11. You might find this video s @ MOOV ZON, COM
    g00gle the link above

  12. dam this shit looks dope!!! i never heard of it before til recently when i heard it was nominated for an oscar(s)

  13. I think Best Actor should go to Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart.”

  14. What is the best way to diffuse a bomb?
    the way you dont die sir.

    fuckin badass

  15. what abt best actor

  16. WTF do I have to watch a godamned advertisement for a movie trailer, which is an advertisement?

  17. That’s a spent shell casing not a bullet

  18. Watch “Over There” series…if u liked this..

  19. The guy wearing the suit in the last part where the det cord pulls the arty rounds out of the ground is on Ben Thomas. A decorated vetran and Navy Seal. He also played the part of the medic in the in of the firefight scenes. Go Mookie..;).

  20. iraq was always called the sand box

  21. 2:00 i like how the bullet kicked the sand up πŸ˜€

  22. hahaha iRaq

  23. ThatΒ΄s looks cool… I think i shall buy it.

  24. Haha so true.

  25. fyi refresh the page to skip the commercials

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