The Honeymooners – The Lost Episodes, Boxed Set 5

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The Honeymooners – The Lost Episodes, Boxed Set 5

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  1. The best of the best! i loved it, matter-o-fact i’m going to watch it for the third time later tonight beause the lost episodes are just that good!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I love The Honeymooners. I grew up with Ralph,Alice,Ed and Trixie but if you’re going to spend your money, buy The Classic 39 and none of the “lost” episodes.Poor quality transfer, for this day and age. Varying length of episodes. A real mishmash. A real disappointment to me.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. The stand alone 39 are deemed “Classic” for a reason…and with just cause, I’d say. These “lost episodes” of all varying lenths—with some as long as 45minutes!—are either too short or too long for the material they utilize. By all means have a look at some or all of these “lost episodes”, but I’d caution against buying them (even if they weren’t as vastly overpriced as they are—The 13 episodes here cost approx the same as the Classic 39 do!) These episodes are not, to sum up, the sort that one will wish to watch over & over again, unlike the Classic 39. This review relates to collection #5 (I don’t know why it may be appearing on other collections, as well.) The episodes in collection #5: “A Weighty Problem”—Ralph has to lose weight for bus physical in a rather long episode (long episodes herein are approx. 35-45 minutes in lenth). This theme plays out similar to the golf episode in the Classic 39.”Lunch Box”—Ralph eats other drivers lunch, then complains to Alice in this very short (less than 15 minutes), lifeless episode.”Lost Baby”—Ralph finds baby on bus & wants to keep it. A terrible premise that goes against what makes the Honeymooners work as a sitcom. “The Man in the Blue Suit”—Ralph hides his poker winnings in old coat & tries to retreive it after Alice donates it to a charity shop.”Stand in for Murder”—terrible episode wherein Ralph is hired by a gangster’s boys because he looks like the on-the-run crime boss. Gleason plays both parts but the long episode ends like a Monty Python one, ie., abruptly & seemingly unfinished.”The Prowler”—There’s a prowler in building in this episode without a premise.”Box Top Kid”—Ralph buys a ton of groceries to enter numerous Box-Top contests, trying to repeat Alice’s sister’s contest-winning cruise to Europe, in this silly episode.”Hero”—Ralph tells building kid how he was a great athlete in this long episode that goes nowhere.”Two Tickets to the Fight”—Alice’s Uncle George’s visit prevents Ralph from going to the fights with Norton.”People’s Choice”—Ralph captures wanted criminal & becomes a “Hero” with his pic appearing in newspaper. Then he is roped into running as a stooge for local govt. operatives. It’s the status quo episode, I’d call it: “Don’t vote for me,” he lectures a crowd (his studio audience!), vote for the other candidate, “he has the experience.””One Big Happy Family”—The Norton’s & the Kramdens move into fancy apt. together to save on rent & the boys argue about everthing, including the TV. This episode is in terrible shape—lines wave through the picture for its entirety.”Finders Keepers”—The boys try to buy a candy store in this long and rather rough episode. “Kranden vs.Norton”—Norton wins a TV on a ticket Ralph bought him for his birthday. Then then argue in nightcourt who is entitled to the set. This last episode is better than most of the above, but still nowhere near the level of quality of the Classic 39 episodes. It makes me think that that term is especially apropo–especially after viewing these “lost episodes.” Cheers!
    Rating: 3 / 5

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